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Mother’s Day Interview with Nathan and Grace

Hello! Happy Mother’s Day to all you gorgeous mums. I salute you for your vastly underrated superpowers of magic healing kisses, the ability to go into super-stealth mode during nap times, having invisible eyes at the back of your head, and having a sixth sense for mischief even (or especially) during moments of absolute silence.

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I stumbled across this adorable set of questions to ask your child about mummy and of course the first thing I thought of was to try it out on my own two wacky kids.

My two little wackos are absolutely crazy over each other. However often during our conversations, they can drive each other (and me) crazy interrupting one another, trying to talk over each other and yelling for a turn to get a word in.

So like the clever girl I am, this is what I told them: “Hey children, let’s play a game!” [Yeah! Hooray! I love games!] “I’m going to put this piece of sticky tape over your mouth. Then I will ask you both a question. When it’s your turn to talk, I will open the sticky tape so you can answer the question. And then we’ll close the sticky tape again until it’s time to answer the next question.” [Yeah! I want the sticky tape! Put on the sticky tape mummy!!!].

Supermum Tip: Any weird stunt you want to pull off can be fun if you turn it into a game. NB: Nathan is five and Grace is almost three. So these clever mummy tricks can still work on them. Also, I made Grace go first with each question because she has a tendency to copy or mimic her older brother.

So anyway here are their answers…

  1. What is something mum always says to you?
    Grace: Kiss me!
    Nathan: I love you always.
  2. What makes mum happy?
    Grace: Hug me!
    Nathan: When I give her presents.
  3. What makes mum sad?
    Grace: Crying.
    Nathan: When I do naughty things.
  4. How does mum make you laugh?
    Grace: Like this… Muahahahaha!!!
    Nathan: When she laughs, I laugh too.
  5. What was mum like as a child?
    Grace: Like a ballerina.
    Nathan: Maybe you had long hair and you had a little body like me.
  6. How old is mum?
    Grace: Two!
    Nathan: One hundred? No, I think it’s ten.
  7. How tall is mum?
    Grace: She is bigger and bigger and bigger!
    Nathan: This long! (stretching his arms wide)
  8. What is her favourite thing to do?
    Grace: Play
    Nathan: Eat.
  9. What does mum do when you’re not around?
    Grace: Play!
    Nathan: I think she will like to look for me.
  10. What is mum really good at?
    Grace: Play!
    Nathan: Reading books.
  11. What is mum not very good at?
    Grace: Be sad.
    Nathan: I don’t know?
  12. What does you mum do for  job?
    Grace: Play!
    Nathan: Look after kids.
  13. What is your mum’s favourite food?
    Grace: Pasta!
    Nathan: I’m not sure. Toast?
  14. What makes you proud of your mum?
    Grace: Do funny face.
    Nathan: You cook nice things for me.
  15. If your mum was a character, who would she be?
    Grace: Superman!
    Nathan: Supergirl.
  16. What do you and your mum do together?
    Grace: Run and run and run and run!
    Nathan: Read.
  17. How are you and mum the same?
    Grace: Drive the car. (huh?)
    Nathan: We have the same hair.
  18. How are you and mum different?
    Grace: Driving the car. (???)
    Nathan: We don’t have the same face. We are not the same height.
  19. How do you know your mum loves you?
    Grace: Forever!!!
    Nathan: Cos’ she told me that.
  20. What does your mum like most about your dad?
    Grace: Feelin’ good…
    Nathan: He loves you.
  21. I love mummy because…
    Grace: Because you kiss me and hug me.
    Nathan: Cos’ you love me.


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