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I love your funny face

If there was one person in the world who could beat me at being a drama queen, it’s this little person…


Most of the time, it’s the best fun ever having a little drama queen. But there are times when we get a bit too much drama to handle. But nothing that a little cuddle time time with teddy can’t fix.


One of our current favourite family games is ‘Funny Face’. Basically I just call out an expression or emotion (“make a happy/sad/angry/scared/surprised face”) and the kids would make that face.


Two-and-a-half year old Grace is pretty good at this game. Though sometimes she and her big brother crack each other too much they end up in a mess of giggles and silliness to keep up with the game.


One morning a few weeks back, I headed over to Grace’s bedroom to get her out of bed as part of our usual morning routine.

This was the sight that greeted my eyes…

IMG_20160325_141441{ Crime scene re-enacted by the primary suspect }

Me: Grace!!! What happened??? Who did this???
Grace: Errrr… Gracie.
Me: What were you doing, Grace?
Grace: I break my pillow?
Me: Why did you break your pillow?
Grace: Because it got broken here (pointing to a hole in the middle of her pillow)
Me: (*face palm*) Sigh.


Another time while I was cleaning up in the kitchen while my little charges were busily playing together, there was a sudden cry and yelp of pain from one of the little boys. I hurried over to see what had happened. I found three-year-old ‘J’ bawling his eyes out with Grace standing next to him holding a toy magic wand in her hand.

Me: Why is ‘J’ crying?
Nathan: Gracie knocked him on the head with her wand--I saw her!
(After calming ‘J’ down and checking his injury which was mostly just emotional)
Me: Grace, I can see that ‘J’ is feeling very sad and upset.
Grace: Yeah.
Me: Why do you think ‘J’ is feeling sad and upset?
Grace: (very seriously and earnestly) Because I turn him into a fwog.


Another time, as I was loading some clothes into the washing machine, I glanced down the hallway and caught sight of little Gracie sliding on her tummy across the floor, hands pinned straight down her sides. I watched her for a good 30 seconds sliding down the hallway in that manner wondering what she was up to this time. She glanced up at me and saw me staring at her. She flashed me the biggest grin and said“Mummy, I’m a snake!”


Sometimes after a meal, Grace ends up in a pretty messy state. One time, the mess was so bad it was all over her shirt and shorts. So after cleaning her up, I stripped her down to her nappy to toss her clothes into the wash. Grace patted her bare belly and piped “Look mummy! I got no shirt! Just like a monkey! O0-oo-aa-aa!”


Last month, I organised an Easter egg hunt with my kids during the week leading up to Easter. We started out with a craft activity making their Easter egg baskets for the hunt. While we were making the baskets, I chatted to the children about the Easter egg hunt…

Me: Where do you think the eggs will be hidden?]
J: I don't know.
S: Maybe in the cubby house?
H: In the cubby house!
Grace: No, it's not in the cubby house. It's in mummy's bag! (very perceptive)
Me: What colour eggs will you find?
S: Blue and pink!
H: Pink!
J: Red!
Grace: So many!


Last week we had a very wet and rainy spell. Nathan, Grace and myself were enjoying our breakfast on one particularly stormy and rainy morning.

Nathan: I like the smell of rain.
Me: Me too. What do you like about the smell of rain?
Nathan: It smells so nice and cool.
Grace: I like the smell of thunder!
Me: Oh, what does thunder smell like?
Grace: It smell like this… BOOM!!! Aaahahahahahaha!!! (cracking herself up)
Nathan and me:  {-_-}


Sigh. I love you oh so much my funny little girl.


P.S. A song dedicated to this little funny face

You've got all the qualities of Peter Pan
I'd look far before I'd find a sweeter pan

I love your funny face
Your sunny, funny face
Though you're a cutie with more than beauty
You've got a lot of personality for me

You fill the air with smiles
For miles and miles and miles
Though you're no Mona Lisa
For worlds I'd not replace
Your sunny, funny face

{ Fred Astaire - Funny Face }


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