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Emerging out on the other side in 2016

This is just sort of a surprise hello after my unannouced extended blogging break. January has always been kind of a slow month, going into energy-saving mode after the busy December holiday season.

I’ve been induging in the rare luxury of just chilling out in my spare time doing nothing in particular, especially after finishing a highly intensive year in 2015… with Nathan going to kindy (and learning to juggle the school drop-off and pick-ups into our daily routine), two almost back-to-back trips to Singapore (and Bali) and Kota Kinabalu for my brothers’ weddings, and getting down to business to finish off my Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

And in between all those big highlights, the year was just jammed packed with lots of learning, work and play… intercepted by incredible and profoundly beautiful stories and scenes like this one about four-year-old kindness and friendship, and this one about two-year-old support for tough moments in life, and also this one about how to be the bestest big brother in the whole entire world.

There are still a few mysteries from last year still left unsolved. Like the mystery of the purple lobster. And the mystery of the stolen designer bag. But I have made my peace with these unanswered questions.

After celebrating Nathan’s big five just before Christmas, I pretty much descended and crashed into power-out mode and fell sick immediately after the party with laryngitis. I was physically unable to speak for three days. Which was incredibly hard. It was an epiphany to me how tremendously verbal our lives are as mothers. Our voice permeates our children’s entire day from morning until night. It’s no wonder they call the first language we speak ‘mother tongue’.


Christmas and New Year’s was spent with friends. I was very happy to just sit back and just chill out at the lovely homes of our close friends over the holidays. In between Christmas and New Year, my newly married brother and sister-in-law flew over to “hang out with you guys” as they put it. It was all very chilled and relaxed as well. Just driving around to a few favourite places around Perth, a bit of wining and dining, cooking and eating together, and watching movies together.


Anyway, I’ve emerged on the other side, a bit more refreshed and energised to take on the new year. I’m not really into resolutions in the traditional sense. But I’ve got a few new things and changes up my sleeve…

For one, I’m learning to play the ukulele. Where is this all coming from? Well you could say my mild obsession with the Twilight Saga which kickstarted the previous Christmas kind of started the whole thing, as it led to my determination to learn how to play this piece on the piano, which then reignited the whole music thing. So there you go.

DSC08197 (2)

Two, I’ve decided to do some scaling back in my work hours in my business. Working five days a week for the past two years straight with no official allowances for annual leave was kind of taking it’s toll on me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pretty strong person and can happily keep going at this pace all the way if needed. But I think sometimes when you toughen up so much to power through life, you kind of risk losing yourself along the way. That’s kind of how I feel. I’ve been operating on high power mode the past couple of years, starting up this business, establishing my environment and systems, learning on the job, going back to school, working on assignments, and managing. Everything.

I think I need to go back to the original reason why I wanted to venture into this business in the first place. For myself. And for my family. Again don’t get me wrong. I absolutely adore my clients and the children I care for. However if I eventually morph and change into a different person from the one I started out or intended to be, what would be the point of it all for me and everyone connected with me?

In the bloggy space, I’m planning to get a bit more focused on sharing the various play and learning activities I do everyday. I post up heaps and heaps and photos and anecdotes on the activities I do with the children every day for the families in my family day care. I should try and channel more of that into this space. I also have a couple of really cool and different ideas for some feature posts this year. It’s all very new and exciting and I can’t wait to share it with you. So stay tuned!

Finally, from me and my family to you: Have a magnificent, phenomenal, fantabulous year in 2016!



  1. No wonder we missed you at church over the christmas/new year period (we were up for a visit). Hope to catch you again next time :) Becca


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