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Spotlight on Grace

(Grace: circa 18-19 months)

With all the big things that have been happening with Nathan lately, I think we should now switch the spotlight to our little Gracie…


She’s turning out to be the sweetest, smiley-est, funniest little girl with a real quirky little character of her own. Here are a few fun facts about her…

Her self-created nickname: CeCe / Xi-Xi (her version of ‘Gracie’)

Favourite accessory: Handbags

Favourite song: ‘Love is an open door’ (from ‘Frozen’)

Favourite food: Pretty much anything and everything. Except eggs--not that she’s allergic to them or anything like that. She simply doesn’t like them. (Sigh. Yes. I know).

Favourite superhero: Kor-Kor (her big brother)

Favourite comedian: Kor-Kor

Favourite role model: Kor-Kor

I started to compile a list of words she can say and I realised that the list is actually quite extensive. We are now at the stage of having fairly meaningful short conversations with her. So I thought I’d share some of the typical exchanges and conversations we have with her throughout the day…

If she has a little tumble…

Mummy: You alright, Grace?
Grace: Orite!
Mummy: You sure?
Grace: Yas.

When we’re getting ready to head out…

Mummy: Okay, time to get ready to go, kids!
Grace: Kai-kai! Kai-kai! Kai-kaaaaaaaai!!!!!
Mummy: Yes, we’re going out kai-kai.
Grace: Shoo-Shoo-Shooooooo!!! At-At-Aaaaaaat!!!
Mummy: Yes, get your shoes and hat.

Saying goodnight before bedtime…

Mummy: Okay time to say goodnight.
Grace: Nite-nite kor-kor. Jeeesh?
Nathan: Goodnight, Grace (*Muaks*)
Grace: Nite-nite daddy.
Daddy: Goodnight, Gracie. Flying kiss!
Grace: (*Muaks*)
Mummy: Goodnite mummy?
Grace: Nite-nite, mummy.
Mummy: Goodnight, Gracie.
Grace: Nite-nite, CeCe.
Mummy: Alright, go get *Momo and go to sleep. (*Her little monkey lovey)
Grace: Yallow, Momo!

Sometimes after putting her down to sleep…

Grace: Maaaahmeee!!! Maaaaaaahmeeeeee!!! (*with pathetic wails*)
Mummy: What is it Grace? What happened?
Grace: (*In a teary voice*) Momoooooo…
Mummy: Oh, I see you dropped your Momo. (picking up her lovey from the floor)
Grace: Ten-too… (*sniff sniff*)

In the reading corner with her big brother…

Nathan: Gracie, do you want me to read you a book?
Grace: Yas! (*bouncing up and down on the cushion excitedly*)
Nathan: Okay, let’s read this one. One Elephant.
Grace: Feeeen, feeeen!!!
Nathan: Two pandas.
Grace: Tah-dee, ta-dee!!!
Nathan: This is not a teddy, Grace. This is a panda.
Grace: Mm!
Nathan: Three pigs.
Grace: Peeeeek, peeeeek!!!
Nathan: Four giraffes.
Grace: Nay, naaaaaay!!!
Nathan: This is not a horse. This is a giraffe. Can you say giraffe?
Grace: Mm!
Nathan: Five monkeys.
Grace: Momooooooo!!!!!!

Meal time exchanges…

Grace: Moh! Moh! Moooooooooh!!!!!!
Daddy: What do you say?
Grace: Pish!
Daddy: Here you go.
Grace: Ten-too!

When she wants something frantically…

Grace: Ter-ter! Ter-ter! Ter-teeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!
Nathan: Mummy, I think Grace wants some water.
Mummy: Okay, okay… just ask nicely. I’m right here.
Grace: Pish!
Mummy: Here you go.
Grace: Ten-too.

When she needs help with something…

Grace: Ap! Ap! Aaaaaaaap!!!!!!
Mummy: You need help with opening that, Grace?
Grace: Yas.
Mummy: What do you say?
Grace: Pish!
Mummy: Okay, here you go.
Grace: Ten-too.

You’ll probably notice a pattern happening there. She has a bit of a flair for drama. Paired with her older brother’s super-active imagination, you can bet that a lot of weird stunts and funny business get pulled around here. But of course, plenty of incredibly sweet moments as well.

So this is our life now. Living with Grace!


  1. And I love the way she greets us on Skype in her husky voice : gong Gooong. .....N Popo. And the cutest grin. :-)

    1. Haha, I always wonder if you manage to catch her greeting because she always calls out in such a low, husky voice. The grin is hard to resist though. I'm sure you want to eat her up as I do every single day.

  2. Oh my... I love her so much. Thank you for writing this. <3 So cute.


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