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Conversations with four year old Nathan

Before it all fades away, I just wanted to capture these recent golden conversations I’ve had with four-year-old Nathan.

[After dinner one evening…]

Nathan: Thank you for cooking the porridge for our dinner. It’s so yummy.
Mummy: You are welcome, Nathan. I’m glad you enjoy eating it.
Nathan: Next time when I grow bigger, I will cook porridge for you, mummy.
Mummy: Really? Wow! That would be wonderful.
Nathan: Yes! We can cook it together.

[Over the Christmas holidays, I often had my nose buried in my Christmas present from hubby. I also frequently had the movie’s soundtrack playing on my phone throughout the day….]

Nathan: What book are you reading, mummy? Can I see?
Mummy: It’s the Twilight series, Nathan.
Nathan: Twilight? I know about that book!
Mummy: You do? What is it about?
Nathan: It’s about… (bursts into singing) I love you for a thoo00ouuusand years… Love you for a tho00oouuusand years*
Mummy: (Blown away with laughter)
(*I had never made any direct reference between the book and the movie to Nathan. But he was somehow clever enough to make the connection himself)

[At the shops one morning, we met an elderly lady who had a cute little spaniel in her shopping cart…]

Nathan: Next time I want to get a pet dog.
Mummy: Oh… what would you do with your pet dog?
Nathan: I will play with him. Like popo’s (grandma’s) dog.
Mummy: So you’d like a dog like popo’s dog?
Nathan: I’d like a small, furry one like the one we saw in the shopping cart today.
Mummy: Yeah, that little white dog we saw today was very cute.
Nathan: I like white dogs. And Popo’s dog is brown.
Mummy: Yes he is. What colour dog would you like?
Nathan: (Pondering for a minute) PURPLE!!!

[While I was tucking Nathan into bed one evening…]

Nathan: Mummy, there are monsters under my bed.
Mummy: Are there? Let me have a look.
(I crouch down and look under the bed)
Mummy: I can’t see any monsters at all, Nathan.
Nathan: No, you can’t see them. They are inside the ground, under the floor.
Mummy: (Thinking for a moment) I know, I will put some special medicine on the floor for the monsters!
Nathan: (Perking up, deeply intrigued) Medicine? Can I see?
Mummy: Sure, I’ll show you (I make a big show of dipping my fingers into an imaginary bottle, and make several dabs and sweeps across the floor)
Nathan: Oooooh… what does the medicine taste like?
Mummy: It’s yucky medicine for the monsters.
Nathan: Noooooo!!!
Mummy: Why? What’s the matter?
Nathan: You mustn’t put yucky medicine. You must put sweet medicine. Here let me do it.
(Nathan hops out of bed and dabs his fingers all over the floor)
Mummy: Sweet medicine? But why?
Nathan: The yucky medicine will make the monsters angry. You must put sweet medicine to make them happy!
Mummy: Oh, I didn’t know that. That’s a much better idea. Good night, Nathan. Sweet dreams.
Nathan: Good night, mummy! I love you!
Mummy: I love you more!
Nathan: I love you MORE!
Mummy: I love you the MOST.


  1. He is such a sweet boy, Serene. Yohanan would choose a purple dog as well. =) Let me know when you find one. teehee

    1. We will! You look out for one too on your side of the world!


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