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Five in Five: Worth Casing Blog Awards

There must be something about this time of year with so many bloggy awards and blog hop series going around. The bloggy love is really in the air. There is just so much to express and be thankful for the connections and bonds we have formed over the year in the little time we have remaining of 2014.

I was really touched when my dear bloggy friend Druimé of Snippets and Spirits nominated me for the Five in Five ‘Worth Casing’ blog award hosted (and sponsored) by Agent Mystery Case.

Five in five is a series of five questions for each nominee to answer and then pass the baton on. There is also a great prize up for grabs which is six months of advertising on Agent Mystery Case's website worth $500. There are so many amazing bloggers out there, so I think I’m honoured already just to be invited to join in the fun. So whether there is a prize or not, I’m just happy to hop on board to answer these five questions…


How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I first started my blog nine years ago when I began living and working abroad as a way to stay in touch with friends and family. Over the past two years, my blog has evolved to reflect the change in my own life with the advent of motherhood and new interests and ventures such as sewing and starting my own family day care. It has also been a doorway to making so many amazing new connections with other fellow mums and bloggers in the community. 

If your wardrobe could talk what would it say about you and tell us about your favourite or most worn item?

I think it would say “It’s time for an overhaul!”. At the moment there is a lot of disconnect between many of the items in my wardrobe and my current self. I have a lot of corporate-wear, office-type clothing (button down shirts, pencil skirts, slacks) which I don’t think I’ll ever wear again. With my new chosen profession, it’s pretty much T-shirts and shorts or leggings all day long - which I am perfectly happy in.

My favourite and most worn item in my wardrobe are these Alexis Russell rough diamond earrings. I love the elegant and edgy style of these earrings. They are perfect for adding just the right touch of ‘zing’ to my outfit but still keep my look simple and down to earth.

What’s your idea of the perfect date night?

I’m fairly easy-to-please when it comes to date nights. The classic dinner and/or movie works fine with me. But if you’re talking about the PERFECT date night, I would say the key would be in how it ends. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive… just memorable. Perhaps a moonlight walk along the beach or by the river, tea or coffee in a quiet, rustic cafe tucked away in some hidden corner, or catching a glimpse of the beautiful city view from some romantic spot. That would tie everything perfectly together in my eyes.

What’s on your Worth Casing list?

Learning how to crochet just so I can make this and this.

These very cool fabric-backed business cards.

My dream holiday destination: The isle of Santorini, Greece.

This game changing two-minute kaya recipe.

This epic Jamie Oliver chocolate celebration cake.

And this thought-provoking article on how centrally-controlled state-administered education could actually be robbing us and our children of freedom and democracy at the most fundamental level.

If you had a theme song what would it be and why?

I would pick Diana Krall’s rendition of ‘Just The Way You Are’. It was the song I walked down the aisle to on my wedding day. The song was ‘given’ to me by my best friend from my university days especially for the occasion. The lyrics really speak exactly how I feel not only about my hubby but everyone I care about in my life, including myself… Don’t go changing to try and please me… Don’t imagine you’re too familiar… I don’t want clever conversation… I love you just the way you are

And now for the nominations of my favourite five ‘worth casing’ bloggers. And I really do mean it when I say each one of them is ‘worth casing’…

Toni of Finding Myself Young

Sally of Toddlers on Tour

Jodie of Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Ness of One Perfect Day

Stephanie of Steph’s Joy


Thanks again Druimé for this nomination to join in this terrific link-up, and thank you to Agent Mystery Case for being such a fabulous host of this series.

(P.S. Ladies, remember to head over to Agent Mystery Case’s blog to link up your Five By Five post by the 14th of December)


  1. Thank you Serene for nominating me. A fun way to get to know a little bit more about our blogging community.

    1. Oh you're more than welcome, Sally. This definitely is a great way to connect with other bloggers in our community. I'm glad you decided to join in, I enjoyed reading your five by five post!

  2. Thank you for linking the article on education. It was a fascinating read. My wheels are still turning. I watched the beginning of the author's film. Though I disagreed with some of the ideas she was advocating (e.g. her postmodern/romanticized notion that primitive cultures are good and self-sustaining), I thought she brought up some valid points.

    1. We clearly have so much to share and talk about. I'm glad the article resonated with you.


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