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Desperate dribbly times call for an army of bibs

Back when I was still pregnant with Grace, I had busied myself sewing various pretty little things in anticipation of her arrival. I was a big fan of bandanna bibs with Nathan. But somehow with a baby girl, it seemed to be more fitting to have pretty, floral, ribbony classic style bibs on her.

I added a couple more here and there along the way after she arrived, but not very many as she was not really a very dribbly baby. Well, not at that time at least.  

However over the past couple of months, her dribble level was reaching a record breaking amount. Almost, if not as much as her older brother when he was her age now. It got so bad at one point that I was unable to keep up with the laundry turnover and had to resort to drying her morning bib so she could use it again later in the afternoon.

So over the weekend, I finally got my head down and sewed up yet more bibs to keep up with her over-productive dribble glands.


I was quite pleased with my handiwork. So please indulge me while I show off my creations with my little model…

This one is my favourite one… because… polka dots!


Also because I got to use some of my stash of fabric yo-yos I went overboard making during the long wait for baby to arrive. As you can see, we were in desperate need of bibs. The picture above was taken literally five minutes after I put the bib on her. I kid you not.

This was a simple one I put together with a scrap of black cotton drill
with a touch of a black & white stripy ribbon.


I wasn’t really planning anything special with this one, but I quite like how it turned out. Sort of chic and classy looking in an almost ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ kinda way. I soon discovered the culprit of all this dribbly-ness when I felt two little molar buds at the back of little Grace’s mouth.

Final snapshot of Grace’s bib stash…
(Well, most of them anyway. A few were still in the laundry.)



  1. These are so gorgeous! The polka dot bib looks like a fancy collar on a little girl's dress. Uuu! You should make one in a shape that references a collar (e.g. a vintage peter pan collar)! =)

    1. I think I might have pinned a bib just like the one you described... peter pan collar and all! I pin so many things it's hard to keep track sometimes. I must hunt it down and make that one too, before she outgrows the bib stage which will happen all too quickly I'm sure.

  2. You are too kind to even take my suggestions seriously. <3 YOU are the master! Again, these are gorgeous, Serene.


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