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A decade of marriage

So today marks the momentous occasion of my tenth year anniversary of being married to my dear hubby. I meant to write a big epic post for this special day…. but I’m finding it all quite overwhelming. Ten years! My goodness! What can I say?

I remember a conversation I had with my parents on one occasion. I asked them “Does it ever get any easier?”. Their answer: “No, not really!”. After over 35 years of marriage, apparently there are times that they still can get hopping mad at each other and they still drive each other crazy sometimes.

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So for us, after a decade of marriage it certainly hasn’t gotten any easier.

We sometimes still argue over petty things or even disagree over more serious matters. I still can get hopping mad at him at times. It’s crazy how someone you are so crazy about can REALLY drive you crazy sometimes.

But one thing I can say is: It’s better.

Not easier. But better.

It’s still at uphill journey. But with each upward step we take, it just gets better. Deeper. Stronger. Surer.

I still remember the very first time he said ‘I love you’. We were still in university at that time. We were riding on a bus heading somewhere (I can’t remember where). He turned to face me and said he had something to tell me. Then he mouthed something in a barely audible whisper. My heart started thumping weirdly when I saw the words he formed on his lips. “Sorry, I didn’t catch that” I said. “Elephant shoe. I said elephant shoe” he grinned in reply.

Well, now I know it was definitely NOT an Elephant’s Shoe.

And now it’s more than ‘I’m in love you’.

It’s more than ‘I love you’.

It’s now ‘I will love you’.

And not by any merit of our own… but only by and through His grace.


Anyway on a lighter note, I’ve been searching through all my photos to try and find a recent picture of just hubby and me for this post. Even if it was just an ‘okay’ snapshot of the two of us. And guess what? There isn’t one! So now I’ve made a resolution to try and take more photos of just hubby and I…. once a year at least.

I did find lots of other pictures of just the two of us in the B.C. era (before children). So here’s a little stroll down memory lane…

Happy ten years my dear husband!

Love you then.
Love you still.
Love you now.
And always will.


  1. AHHHHHHH!!!! Really?!!! TEN YEARS?! That's craaazy. Man, we are getting old. =) My dearest Serene, I am bursting with gladness for you and MH. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. And I can't seem to wipe this silly smile off my face. Hans and I don't have a recent picture of just the two of us either. =)

    1. Indeed! Ten years seemed like an eternity one time, but how the years have flown. I hope to meet Hans and your boys someday. Take more pictures together!

  2. Congratulations Serene, you're absolutely right - no marriage is all hearts and flowers

    1. Thank you Sally! We're on the same page :)


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