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Freezing the picture–Grace at 14 months old

Dear Grace. This is just another post mummy just HAS to write to bottle up more of your baby-ness because it’s just slipping away too quickly for words.

You are fourteen months old. Still yet a baby. But definitely well on your way to toddlerhood.

I adore the fact that you are still chock-full of squishy and rolly bits and you still have a lingering baby smell in your hair that I cannot stop sniffing and smelling whenever you happen to be in my arms. Which is gradually happening less and less often these days. Because you just. Cannot. Stop. Moving.

From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Your legs never stop moving. You are forever trotting about everywhere, getting your nose into everyone’s business.

I love that you still walk with a little baby waddle, with your little tushy wriggling from my side to side with every single step you take. You still trip and fall down every few minutes as you try to keep up with all the big kids zooming around you. But you’ve never let that deter you. You’ll be up again in a split second, trotting along with the big gang once again.

I sometimes wonder if the reason why you’re growing up so quickly is because you’ve been thrust into this group of bigger and older kids that are now part of our everyday lives.

Even though you are often the youngest and littlest one in the gang, you’ve never let that fact stop you from powering through anything. You are more than capable of holding up your own. Both in volume and toughness.

And boy are you one tough little girl.

You know how to grab on tightly to any object you stake your claim on. Sometimes even grabbing toys and objects (even food) from older toddlers in the gang.

You are as tough as nails. Bumps and tumbles don’t seem to phase you. You may yell out loud when you take an especially big tumble. But you pick yourself up again and continue marching on.

You’re the only little person who is tough enough to keep up with your big brother’s rough and tumble plays, wrestling and squishing and rolling around together in a happy little heap.

You couldn’t wait to start catching up with your big brother. You were in such a hurry to keep up that you started walking all on your own at 11 months. And just after you turned one, you already learnt how to climb up the ladder on the slides to slide down all on your own. It just blows my mind how quickly you are developing.

But you’re not just all brawn. You have brains too. Daddy calls you his ‘clever little cookie’.

Just like your big brother, you simply adore books. As soon as you were able to start cruising around at eight months old, you started pulling all our books off the shelves to ‘read’. And now, an regular times throughout the day, you would pick up a book, hold it up to me or daddy and say “Book!”, then trot over to our story-time mat, plonk yourself down, and look up expectantly at us, waiting to read a story together.

You have the sharpest little eyes, keenly observing everything around you. Nothing escapes your eye. Especially food. You refused mushy baby food right from the start, preferring to chomp down the same food as we were having.

Your latest obsession is with bags. You insist on wearing one around the house all the time. I have a box of old handbags which you enjoy rummaging through to select a different one each day. What amazes me is your keen observation of this little detail and ability to imitate and copy it. And also be able to categorise and group similar items in the same family – i.e. bags.

It’s a strange feeling watching you grow. I am both eager to see what comes next and what else you can do, and at the same time I just wish I could freeze you, just as you are right now.

The happiest baby girl in the world to me #babygirl #happy #happiness

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  1. Photo 1: Grace the Socialite. Photo 2: Grace, the Fun and Funky. Photo 3; Grace, the Executive. Photo 4: Grace the Adventure girl. :-) Po Po


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