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The Sigh

The other day, my three-year old boy elbowed his cup of milk on the table.

It was a pretty full cup of milk, the contents now sprawled across the floor.

I pursed my lips. Then picked up a cloth and bent down to clean up the mess.

“Why did you go ‘haaaaaaaaaiiiiiiih…’ like that mum?”, said Nathan.

“Did I?”, said I.

“Yes you did, mum. You said ‘haaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiih…’ like that.”

“Oh. That was a sigh.”

“A sigh? Why sigh, mum? Why?”

“I don’t know, Nathan. Sometimes I just need to sigh”

“But why, mummy?”

Cue: *Sigh*

A couple of days later, it was Grace’s turn to knock something off her highchair. Something goopy and messy. Before I could say or do anything, it was my three year old who exclaimed,“Tsk. Haaaaiyaaaa… Grace!

The inflection and intonation he exuded into his exclamation was so comically real, I couldn’t help bursting out laughing out loud right there and then.

I recounted the incident to hubby later that evening while we were getting ready for bed…

“Well, it’s obvious where he picked that up from”, said hubby.


“You of course.”


“You do realise that you sigh a lot, don’t you?”

I never really realised it before. I’m not really a big yeller. So perhaps sighing is my way of keeping the yelling at bay. A way to release the pressure throughout the day to minimise the chances of having a big explosion.

It made me think of this episode from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond'…

video link

Do you want to know why I sigh? It's like a pressure valve, a release.
Living with you, if I didn't sigh every once in a while, I would explode!

--Debra, ‘Everybody Loves Raymond”

How do you release your pressure valve throughout the day?

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  1. My Man and I have this conversation often!
    One of us will sigh.
    The other one asks: "What's wrong?"
    The sigher responds: "Nothing. Why?"
    The other says: "Then why are you sighing?!"
    The sigher: "I didn't even realise I sighed."
    I LOVE the pressure valve analogy.
    I release the pressure with a cup of tea whilst My Man does bathtime duties!

  2. I was once told that I sigh in my sleep! And yes my 3yo also sighs a lot and he must get it from me too!!!! Ha ha.
    Em - also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

  3. Oh I so know the sigh! I have lots of pressure releases during the day, usually towards the end of the day. Some of them involve some swear words, which I really need to stop doing :)

  4. Love this, I yell, i nag. and I know it is not right, especially to our love ones. So sighing is really better!

    I should not yell and nag, there is a better way to release the pressure valve;).


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