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Writing about why I write

When the lovely Druimé from Snippets and Spirits asked me along to join in this blog hop series about why we write what we write, I was honoured and glad to jump on board.

This was definitely a challenging post to write as it required me to dig deep into my own aims and motivations on why I write and keep on writing.

There are five specific questions I had to answer for this series. So without further ceremony, I’ll just dive in…

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Armed and ready with my trusty writing companion

#1. Why I write?
There are many interconnecting reasons for this. I suspect some of my friends think that this is simply a way to satisfy some inner narcissistic part of me.

Actually the reason I started blogging in the first place (nine years ago) was to keep friends and family living overseas updated on the everyday mundane things happening in my life. In the process, I discovered that I really enjoyed the process of journaling my thoughts and experiences.

Then ever since I became a parent, I realised that time had become even more precious and fleeting thing. I wanted to capture and record all the little moments with my family and kids and linger over them for as long as possible. Writing became a way to savour and squeeze out every single bit of beauty and loveliness of moments spent with my children down to the last drop…


“We write to taste life twice…”

#2. What am I working on?
I’m a big advocate of learning through play, so I’m constantly on the lookout for various fun play-based activities to do with my kids which I also share on my blog.

I have a couple of activities and play ideas parked in my drafts folder on my blog which I’ve been fiddling around with. You can sometimes catch a glimpse of some of these ideas on my instagram which I snap and share in further detail on my blog down the track.

#3. How does my writing differ from others in it’s genre?
I like to think that my blog has evolved from simply just a personal diary to a place buzzing with ideas and inspirations but still interspersed with personal anecdotes and memoirs.

Actually every blog is different and unique in it’s genre because everyone’s story is different and unique in itself. So my writing is about my own story and my own journey. I suppose the biggest turns in mine include discovering new passions like babywearing, sewing, cloth nappies, play-based learning and also recently stepping out to start my own family day care business.

#4. Why do I write what I do?
My mind is constantly buzzing and overflowing with ideas. Often the best way to grow and expand ideas is to share them with someone. Unfortunately I rarely have the opportunity to talk about my passions directly with people. I think I probably hold back from sharing with others because I worry about coming across as being too fanatical, overly zealous, a bit of a ‘know it all’ or coming on too strong on others.

So this corner has become my haven to share about my passions and ideas and to connect. To connect with myself. To connect my own thoughts. And of course, to connect with others --I’m truly thankful for the amazing connections I’ve had the opportunity to build through this blog and my writing.

#5. How does my writing process work?
Through this blog hop series, I learnt that many bloggers prefer to capture their ideas on paper or to jot their writings down in a notebook first. But my own process is actually almost completely paperless. My three main blogging equipment comprise of my camera, my phone and my laptop.

I use my camera (and also my phone) to snap photos throughout the day. These images often form the starting point for many of my ideas for blog posts and writing. If happen to stumble across or think of an idea for a post, I will either jot it down on my ‘To Do List’ app on my phone or put a placeholder title of the idea in my blog drafts.


Then on Sunday afternoons, I nestle comfortably on the sofa with my laptop and a cup of tea for my private blogging time and launch my bloggy toolbox. I do my blog writing on Windows Live Writer and use Windows Photo Gallery to edit my photos and images.

I don’t actually have a pen and paper step to my writing process as I find that my words and ideas take form as I type them out on my laptop. I will re-read and edit the post again to get the words just right. I do fiddle around with the post a fair bit but as much as I try, I can’t help a few typos and errors slipping through. But there is only so much fiddling around one can do… eventually I just have to hit that ‘publish’ button.

As part of the series, I have the privilege of nominating two wonderful bloggers to share about their writing…


The gorgeous Mandy of Make Me Up Mandy.

Her love for beautiful things is evident in the design of her blog and the beautiful images she shares.

I love the fact that she intersperses her beauty/make-up tips and reviews with real and personal reflections on her own journey through marriage, motherhood and life.


The lovely Stephanie of Stephsjoy.

Stephanie enjoys writing about and sharing her key passions which revolve around family, food, photography, design and travel.

I love the fact that Stephanie shares honestly from the heart on her everyday life, her ups and downs on parenting and life.

Linking up to Jess @ IBOT


  1. Loved your "Why I Write"..a lovely insight to your process. I am old school notebook for writing ideas and have started batch blogging on Sundays too..

  2. Very interesting to learn a bit more about your writing... good idea about Sundays, might have to look into that!

  3. Everyone does it so differently don't they? It's lovely to read all the different processes.


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