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One of those women we love to hate?

With the whole myriad of things I’ve been taking on…. having kids, cloth nappies, cooking, sewing, blogging, running a family day care… it’s crazy how I’m still managing to juggle it all and keep all the balls going.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve now become one of those women we love to hate. But the truth is, behind that seemingly pristine looking front, is a huge mess of dropped balls all over the place.

Family meal at the kids table

Mango session for breakfast #mangoes #breakfast #brekky #saturdaymorning

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So here is an honest reveal of the reality behind my shiny looking blog…

I now make my family live straight out laundry baskets to save time on folding clothes. I blame this inspiring article. As long as no one is noticing mentioning the wrinkles, I think we’re good.

Our dining table is now gathering dust because we’ve started eating together at the kids table in the kitchen to save time on cleaning up. I figured it doesn’t matter where we eat, as long as we’re all together as a family.

I sometimes eat standing up in the kitchen and cook or wash dishes in between bites.

I served up spaghetti bolognaise three meals in a row last week.

I probably only shaved my legs just twice this entire past summer.

I realise that in an effort to keep the whole clockwork as a whole moving forward, I have to let a few balls drop here and there…. as long I keep holding on to the important ‘balls’ in my life.

Three important ‘balls’ in my life

Do some folks see you one of those women or mums others love to hate? Maybe you are just a really good juggler? How do you manage to keep all the balls up in the air? Or what balls have you decided to let drop and which ones have you decided to keep?

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  1. haha love this…perception is a funny thing, & I think females are really bad at looking at others and thinking they have it all together…usually when you dig a little though the reality comes out! Thanks for the reminder there is no perfect and sometimes juggling all the balls is really quite tricky (but lots of fun)!! xx

  2. We totally live out of the laundry baskets! And we got rid of our dining table to make a big play corner for bub (we eat at the coffee table - don't tell anyone). People (non-bloggers) sometimes say they don't know how I manage blogging and looking after a baby and going to swimming, mothers group etc - I stay up til about 11:30pm most nights and blog a lot when shes asleep on my lap.

  3. I've stopped ironing - it's so over rated! A few wrinkles never hurt anyone :)
    I've gone back to work this year and have found that I dropped many balls too. Like you, I'm just trying to focus on what is most important and not stress about the other stuff. Good to know I'm not alone on that journey!!!

  4. But are you happy? I bet the kids are happy. We can't do it all lovely, it's just not possible and housework is the first thing to let go of, it's something we used to worry about but now it's not worth it. xx

  5. haha my mum used to feed us the same food half almost a week at a time, but we grew up well!

  6. hmmm... which balls am i dropping now? lots. one BIG one is cooking everything from scratch. so we eat frozen pizza once in a while, and (good quality) ready made fish sticks are our friends. And i make a lot of smoothies. i blend bananas + fresh baby spinach + berries + milk/yogurt/juice = all the vitamins and fiber and protein that they are happy to gobble down. =)

  7. Nice to get this little insight behind the scenes Serene. My house is a wreck probably tidy for half a day a week. My laundry piles up and the dishes and my kitchen table is a dumping ground. You are right though as long as we keep the important balls flying our families will cope. These days will pass so quickly the kids will be older and we will have more time to have spotless houses.


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