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Weekend Adventure: Castledare Miniature Railway

What adventures have you been up to lately this summer? My friend Jamie recently told me about this charming little miniature railway tucked away somewhere in Wilson along the Canning River.

The trains are real models of classic steam engines and diesel trains, but in miniature child-sized versions. It all sounded so cute and storybook-like that I simply had to check it out. I knew Nathan would simply love it given his obsession with Thomas and Chuggington and the whole gang.

So on one blazing hot Sunday, we braved the summer heat and hauled our little troops along for a miniature adventure.

A couple of the locomotives on the miniature railway (photo source)

The miniature railway has two stations running public rides on different Sundays each month. We opted for the Wilson Park Station because it is situated by a park, with a big playground, plenty of shady trees, and a cafe nearby – perfect spot for a picnic and family outing.

The babies camping out on the picnic mat for some tummy time

Promptly at ten o’clock, we heard the whistle blow and the sound of the trains chugging into the station. We sent the hubbies and toddlers to check out the tickets for the rides while Jamie and I waited for the babies to wake up from their naps.

Two very excited children at the ticket counter

The tickets are quite reasonably priced: $3 for children and $6 for adults, babies ride free. The rides run on a ‘load and go’ system. Just queue up, get your tickets, hop on the train, and once the train is full, off they go.

Waiting for our train

The trains fill up pretty quickly when they arrive. Each ride takes about 15 minutes, so even if you miss one it doesn’t take long to wait for the next train.

“All aboard!”

The railway tracks meander through the bush and trees in the Canning River Park nature reserve. If you are lucky, you can spot some wild birds among the trees or in the water.

“And off we go!”

Here is a snapshot of our train and driver. Ours was a diesel engine train. They also have steam powered ones running from the other station at Castledare and Niana Street.

Our diesel train and engine driver (photo source)

Baby Grace enjoyed a free ride in the train snuggled next to me in my sling.

“Yippee, I get a free ride”

A final shot snapped by Jamie’s hubby, Edmund.

“There and back again”

The kids were pretty flushed and tired out from riding in the hot sun. But we could tell they really enjoyed the adventure from the way they chattered excitedly about it afterwards.

What new discoveries and adventures have you had over the summer holidays?


Castledare Miniature Railway
There are two stations which operate on different Sundays of each month…

Wilson Park Station
Kent St Wilson, corner Queens Park Rad
(runs 3rd Sunday of each month, 10am–2pm)
Niana Station
Castledare Pl Wilson, corner Niana Ct
(runs 1st Sunday of each month, 11am–3.30pm)

Fares: $6 for adults, $3 for children over 2 years old.

Remember to wear enclosed or covered shoes. No flip flops or sandals allowed. There is a basket of shoes for loan available there, but you would probably feel more comfortable wearing your own.

More information available at


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  1. How good are these experiences! That's what memories are made of.

  2. Ohh this is SO cool. Love your gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing the details!

  3. what a fun experience for the family! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Every little boy's dream activity! Looks like a fun day!

  5. Not much cuter than boys and toy trains! My daughter loves them too actually!

  6. So cute! I used to love doing things like this :) Cheers, Tanya

  7. This looks like something we would enjoy doing, a great family day out, affordable prices to :)

  8. What a great family outing. My son would love it too!


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