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Strangely optimistic + a glimpse into my day care set up

So after a somewhat slow and shaky start to my family day care business opening, the calls and enquiries have really started rolling in steadily over the past couple of weeks. I’ve had a number of parent visits to my home which has been quite exciting and I now have three awesome families ready to come on board.

People still shake their head in disbelief or apprehensiveness whenever they hear about my crazy venture…

“Four kids! That’s a lot to handle!”

“I can’t believe you’re doing this”

“I could never do anything like that”

I don’t know why, but I’m still strangely optimistic about the whole thing. I’m simply excited about having a little group to be able to plan little activities to do together, coming up with a mix of different play invitations and observing their different individual plays and personalities.

Of course there’s also the messier bits, like cooking, cleaning, changing nappies, toileting and other such ‘yucky’ stuff. But I’m just choosing to roll with it. I do it every single day anyway already, so I see this as just another extension to all the daily mess I deal with now. I might come to regret these words later but for now I can only move forward and see what happens.

Anyway, I thought you might like to have a little glimpse into my home set up and a couple of the little corners and areas I’ve created for our different daily activities…





It’s a fairly simple set up for now but what do you guys think?

For you folks with three or four (or more) kids, how do you handle it all? The constant clamours for attention, the referee calls, the mess… or is there a secret place in the eye of the storm where you somehow find the calm?

This is an exciting new venture I am embarking on to set up my own family day care. Throughout this journey, I will be sharing about this project, the application process, what I’ll be learning from the training courses, my home set up, craft and activity ideas and other related bits and pieces. Through this, I hope to support and connect with other fellow day care educators and also perhaps provide a little more awareness and insight for parents (and parents-to-be) on the set up and running of a family day care. You can follow along my updates on my blog under the family day care tag.

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  1. I love your 'corners', Serene - you're so organised and creative and your photos are wonderful too. Your house and the children's items in it seem really inviting and interesting for the little people who will be visiting you each day. So great to read that your business has started to take off! From the way you write, I can tell you have a real vocation to working with children. xx

  2. Looks like a great set up to me, much like the C&K that my son adores. You could add some dress ups to the home corner, necklaces, maybe head to one of those cheap variety stores see what they have on special. YAY for having families wanting to get on board. As for my tips, I suppose it's all about them respecting each other, no running, inside voice, sharing etc. GOOD LUCK!!

  3. Such interesting 'corners'. I'm sure the children will have a great time exploring these spaces, I like the way you cater for imaginative play as well.

  4. It looks awesome Serene! I know my kids would just love it there. Well done on getting some interested parents :)

  5. how exciting Serene! What a great set up! Sure sounds like you are off to a flying start! Congratulations!

  6. Everything looks so lovely Serene. I wish u r in Penang :)

  7. Wow, it looks fantastic! I love how you have the books displayed in your reading corner - will be borrowing that idea! Well done x

  8. What a great little setup. I love the colour - it's so inviting. X

  9. My hat goes off to you. Good luck with it. The place looks fabulous.

  10. I love your set up. How awesome for the kids to go somewhere with only 4 kids! They will get so much more attention than they would at a normal daycare. I love seeing all your play ideas on instagram, I'm totally using them later on.

  11. I've had my son in family daycare before and if I came across one that looked like yours I'd be very happy. It's so great to have people like uou, there's no way I could do it!

  12. That looks gorgeous Serene! I too would be happy to send my babies to your house with that setup. They really do not need much as with activities and outdoor play their day will fly by as will yours!! You are so thoughtful and enterprising the kids will have a great time learning from you. Enjoy.

  13. Simple is best! I am in awe of my friend who runs a family daycare. She is one awesome multitasker who has heaps of patience!

  14. I would very much love to visit ur house, must be fun to sit in any corner and enjoy the day!


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