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My Little Chomper


It’s hard to believe, but I just realised that we are now over half way through Grace’s first year. She officially turned 6 months a couple of weeks ago and is developing so fast that I’m barely able to keep up with her updates here.

Since the last update I posted, she has really been stretching herself all over the floor. Not only rolling and flipping, but pivoting and even lunging and creeping forward to reach for objects. Yes, the crawling has begun. And boy can she move.

She is constantly on the prowl, reaching out and grabbing everything she can get her hands on.

Hair, glasses, her fingers, our fingers, her toys, her brother’s toys, scraps of paper, scraps of anything really… nothing is safe within her reach.

Whatever she gets her hands on, the first stop it makes is straight to her mouth.

And then she chomps on it. Hard.

She really is such a voracious chomper.

I know all babies generally like to mouth or suck on objects. But I am convinced that Grace’s chomping action is on a whole other level.

Watching her chomp on a toy is like watching a tiger handling it’s prey on the discovery channel.

First she grabs a toy or object, brings it to her mouth, then chomps down on it hard and ferociously shakes it from side to side with her gums. Once she’s done with it, she flings it’s poor mangled carcass aside and proceeds to pounce on her next victim.

Sometimes while nursing her, she can chomp down on me too. Very hard. Very ouch.

I can’t imagine how things will be once her teeth come in. *Shudder*


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  1. sounds like you have one determined little girl there Serene!

    1. You are right, Stephanie. She has a very determined character it seems!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jacana. The cuteness definitely makes up for the ouchies!

  3. Love your description - awesome!! Mine were choppers too! Some days I feel like I just blinked and they've grown up a bit more!!!

    1. Hi Robyn. Yes this stage is so so fleeting. I try to keep from blinking, but even if I don't, they keep growing and growing, by the second-minute-hour.. -day by day. sigh.

  4. We are at exactly the same stage with Hayley. She was 6 months last Saturday.

    P.S. Am I the only one who has noticed Grace is giving the finger in this photo lol, Hayley does it all the time.

    1. Yes! I still remember when we first touched based during our pregnancies. It will be interesting to see how things progress with our bubs and relate to each others' experiences.

      I actually did not notice that finger until you pointed it out, Toni. LOL. I'll keep a look out and see if she seems to be doing it regularly like you notice with Hayley ^_^

  5. Oh the days when they first start to move.
    At first you are so impressed with them and glad that the screeching for items beyond their reach has stopped - only to encounter the "oh crap now they can reach stuff they're not supposed to touch".

    I smile now at the memory but a the time I was so stressed out. A point to remember each stage passes by, enjoy while you can.

  6. Oooo yes, the teeth clamp - OUCH! This is the best stage, when they can't get around, once they do it's game on Serene - nothing is off limits !!! :) x

  7. Grace is gorgeous! It's so lovely seeing their little personalities unfold as they grow isn't it?!

  8. She's so cute, and what big eyes she's got! And yes I feel you...*ouch*

  9. I dare say some teeth are on their way with all that gum chomping. They are so quick when they see something they want.

  10. OH yes those teeth I experienced this the other day and I am still sore and I screamed so hard his lip curled in fright. I love reading your descriptions on your baby girl it really does go so fast my bubba is 10 months and they are able to do so much at that age. So advice to you is savour every single second of her 6 month old gorgeousness. x


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