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A New Routine

So after my parents left, I've been finding my feet to get into my own daily rhythm and routine with the kids. It took some trial and error, but I think we've all finally settled into a nice workable routine. Nathan goes to daycare two days a week and spends the remaining days at home with me.

It's a little more challenging looking after two kids on my own on those days. But having a rough plan in mind definitely helps steer me through the day. Even if the day goes a little off every now and then, at least I have a general guideline to steer back towards.

As I have a number of friends who are about to pop their second baby, I thought for their benefit I would share what my day looks like with the two kids at this point in time (bear in mind that Grace is now about two months old, so she's more settled compared to the early newborn days)...
Kids start waking up.
Morning drill: Change nappies and jammies, prepare breakfast for Nathan, nurse Grace.

Clear breakfast dishes and start laundry cycle on the washing machine.

After breakfast the kids spend a little play time together under supervision by me. They might do tummy time together, play peek-a-boo, or Nathan might cook up a pretend meal for Grace or have her as his passenger on his pretend bus or train. Nathan really seems to enjoy having another little person around to hang around with.
Then Grace goes down for her first nap after play time.
Spend some one-on-one play time with Nathan.
If the weather is nice, we might head out to the backyard so Nathan can run around while I hang up the laundry.

Nathan has his morning tea and is allowed some TV time.
Grace wakes up from her first nap around this time.
After nursing, Grace has some tummy/mat time or sits in her rocker watching her big brother play.
Start preparing lunch for Nathan and myself.
Grace goes down for her second nap around this time.

Nathan and I eat lunch.
After lunch, Nathan is allowed to watch a little TV before his nap while I clear the lunch dishes.

Nathan goes down for his nap.
Grace wakes up from her second nap around his time.
After nursing her, I spend some one-on-one play time with her.

Grace goes down for her third nap.
Then I have a little quiet time to do some blogging, sewing or reading.

Nathan wakes up from his nap.
I try to encourage him to have some independent play around this time.
If the weather is nice, he can have some play time outside while I take down the laundry.

After Nathan has a quick snack, he is allowed some TV time.
I start the dinner prep. So far I've been trying to keep things easy to manage by pre-cooking most dishes on the days Nathan is at daycare.
Grace wakes up from her third nap around this time.
After nursing Grace, she has some tummy/mat time or sits in her rocker watching all the activities going on around her.

Grace goes down for a short catnap.
Hubby usually arrives home around this time.
Father and son spend some one-on-one time together while I finish up cooking dinner.

We all sit down for dinner together.
Grace would have woken up from her catnap by now, so I might be nursing her at the table while we eat dinner.
After dinner, Nathan is allowed some TV time while hubby gives Grace her bath and I clear the dinner dishes.

Hubby starts Nathan's bedtime routine while I nurse Grace and put her to bed.
Nathan has his bath and has some warm milk before saying goodnight.

And that's the end of another busy day with the kids.


  1. I remember my time as a stay-home mom when matthew was smaller. We all loved it when daddy came home. Such a highlight to the day. Actually we still LOVE it when daddy comes home. We are s blessed. I tip my hat to single moms, really. - wini

    1. Will Grace wake up in midnight?

    2. Wini: I know! Everyone immediately lights up once we hear the familiar sound of the garage door opening and the keys jingling at the door. I don't know how I would handle the evening dinner rush and bedtime routine without hubby's help. As you say, really salute those single mums (and dads) out there.

    3. Grace has now settled down to one feed around 1-2am (after her bedtime feed at 7pm) until 7am the next morning. Sometimes she wakes up a bit earlier around 11pm or midnight... depending on the situation, we will try to soothe her back to sleep at that time. However if she is really hungry, I will feed her, in which case she might wake up again around 5-6am. Again depending on the situation, we might soothe her back to sleep. If she is really hungry, I will only feed her half the usual amount and put her back to sleep. Then I will let her sleep in just a little longer until 7.30am before starting her day. If she wakes up at 6.30/6.45am, because it's close to the 7am, I will just start her day and adjust the timings of her subsequent wake times/feeds/naps later throughout the day.


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