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Six reasons why the 1st trimester is the toughest

DSC02934The little helper giving mummy a hand so she can put her feet up

So I am now approaching Week 17 of my pregnancy, and I think I might be just beginning to feel normal again. It’s been a rollercoaster ride these past couple of months. Although this is my second time round of baby-baking, it’s been quite a different experience from my first one.

But I have SURVIVED! And I am glad to say that I am now one-third of the way there! Things can only get better from this point on. Hubs and I started throwing out baby name ideas and thinking when and how to explain the pregnancy to Nathan and get him ready for the arrival of a sibling.

To sort of explain my lack of activity lately, here are the top six reasons why this first trimester has been the most challenging part of this journey so far…

#1. Not having as much support
from folks around me ~ not that it’s anyone’s fault, as generally there is no big announcement until after the first trimester so people will have no idea how much I’m suffering.

#2. Nobody gives up their seat for me
on the bus or train ~ with no outward apparent sign of pregnancy, nobody bats an eye even though I might be feeling viciously ill and possibly need a seat even more than a 6-month pregnant woman.

#3. Not being able to enjoy food
to my heart’s content ~ with all the nausea and morning sickness and evening sickness, food just doesn’t taste as yummy as it usually does. Eating was just a mechanical process of getting foods I could stand into my tummy.

#4. Feeling very unproductive
most days I was so tired that I just crashed into bed right after putting Nathan to bed at 9.00pm or even as early as 8.00pm. I’m not usually a napper, but on weekends or days off, I sneaked off to take a nap whenever I could. It left very little time to do much of anything except the bare minimum of activities.

#5. Not enjoying usual favourite activities
and hobbies ~ during this whole period I felt like I was living in a haze of morning sickness all day long. Everything I did seemed to be tinged with nausea and lethargy, whether it was eating, cooking, playing with Nathan, watching movies, Facebooking and even blogging… nothing felt quite the same as it normally did.

#6. Just not feeling like myself
in the haze of morning sickness I was floating around in every day, it was difficult to feel ‘normal’. Even in general everyday activities and conversations, I felt that part of me wasn’t there. When I tried blogging, the sentences I wrote sounded foreign and unnatural.


The biggest thing that got me through one day at a time was simply remembering this…

But now that the first trimester is behind me, things should start to get better so I’m looking forward to sharing the journey along with you.


Happy Monday folks!


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  1. Yay, u r now at 1/3 of the journey. Cant wait to see ur lil bub#2!
    Take care!

    1. Yes! Thanks Shu-Yin. Just Less than six more months to go! ^_^

  2. Glad that you're feeling much better now and is already 1/3 of the way there. Exciting times ahead. Thinking of baby names is the most fun part now. I ant wait to hear more of your pregnancy journey.

    1. Thanks Susan. Definitely exciting times. Hubby and I started randomly throwing out name ideas already.


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