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5 reasons classic planners rock! {giveaway}

[This giveaway is sponsored by and is open internationally to anyone in the world]

I generally look upon January as a sort of ‘buffer month’ for easing into the new year. But now that the end of the month is approaching, I think it’s about time I get off my holiday mode and get back into my usual productive mode.

And this year I expect my schedule to get even busier with a myriad of play ideas, play dates, antenatal appointments, shopping lists, and new sewing projects to juggle around.


So what’s the best thing to pull everything together?

A New Planner!


Then again many people are moving away from traditional pen and paper planners and turning instead to phones, tablets and computers to store their calendars keep track of appointments.

Granted, electronic based organisers are snazzier and more compact to carry around. And they offer benefits like being able to set reminders, sync them online, email or forward them to other people, and appointments can be neatly deleted or edited as needed.


However I believe there is still a case for the old classic planner. So here’s my own list of
5 reasons why classic planners still rock!

#1. Able to have a full visual layout of my week
In one glance, I can see the big picture view of appointments, events, weekly to-do list, grocery list and ad hoc notes I’ve scribbled down for the entire week.

#2. Able to add new notes and appointments quickly
No need to click through different apps and icons, enter dates and times in the proper format, or scroll through the different field types to enter the description or notes on the event.

#3. No need to deal with retarded autocorrect keyboards
There are times when nothing beats the old pencil and paper. Need I say more?

#4. Easily scribble ideas and sketches on the spot
Sometimes I just don’t have time to scroll through my phone or tablet to select the ‘proper’ app for making notes or sketching out an idea. Instead of scrambling around for a scrap of paper, I just need flip to the blank pages section of my planner and put a pen to the paper.

#5. No wrestling with the toddler to play Angry Birds
We all know those moments. You pull out your phone to make a new calendar entry, and the toddler jumps up and starts pulling at your arm to play with your phone or tablet. Not so much of an issue with traditional style planners.


The team at recently invited me to check out their range of planners on their website. I was immediately blown away by their huge range of colourful designs.


The best thing about their planners is that the entire design is fully customisable from the cover right through to the back. There are endless design possibilities. You can change colour, text and design on front/back cover as well as inlay. There are also clever boxes for to-do list, gym session, preschool, idea of the week and weather.

Some of my favourite things about these planners…

  1. Able to personalise the planner with my own name and contact info in the design;
  2. Add friends and family members’ birthdays to the inlay directly from Facebook;
  3. Modify the start date so I don’t lose out for starting the year a little late; and
  4. Customise the the inlay to add my own lists and boxes, just like adding little apps.


The Giveaway
Thanks to the kind people at, you have a chance to win a custom-designed planner valued at $45 of your very own. There are just two simple steps to follow:

  1. Leave a comment below on what you like best about classic pen and paper planners

This giveaway is open internationally to anyone in the world
Closing date is Monday 28th January 2013 by midnight (Western Australian Standard Time)
The winner will be selected randomly and announced on Tuesday 29th January 2013


  1. The thing I like best about good old-fashioned pen and paper planners is that they don't let you down. I tried using the planner in my mobile phone for a few months last year. The app suddenly started changing the time zone at will, there was some kind of bug. Not acceptable! I didn't wait for them to fix it, I nwas pregnant and have a toddler, last thing I needed was for the time of my antenatal appoinments to move by 3 or 5 or 7 hours at will!! learned my lesson, paper all the way for me. Plus I like to keep them after each year is done :)
    I already like the page via my personal Facebook profile, if I win can I share my full name with you then so you can check? Thanks!

  2. Wow... This is awesome. I use a planner for work everyday for meetings and discussion points with clients. The one I have is so tattered now it's almost embarrassing to bring out. First time I've heard of a fully customisable planner. I'm getting one!

  3. I love the nostalgy feeling :) And that I have it always with me and it doesn´t have to have electry to work :)

  4. I love the personal touch of the classic pen and paper planner where I get to look at my own handwriting in it. I do keep a small planner book with me even now, not only to jot down reminders and shopping list, but also to jot down my FEELINGS in it.
    Typing my feelings in a mobile/computer will never ever compare to writing down my feelings in a journal. =) Writing wins hands down!

    The awesome feel of seeing your own handwriting on ink is really nostalgic, and that is also the reason why I do scrapbooking the traditional way, and not digital scrapbooking. I love journaling on papers ;)

    Would so love to own one of this fully customized planner.

  5. I already like the personal planner fb page :-) I love pen and paper journals because I am a relentless list keepers and these allow you to keep all your notes and lists and jottings all in one neat place, instead of spread everywhere on little bits of paper! Thank you :-) Monique

  6. The feel of paper as you write your lists and ideas. The fact that a paper diary doesn't have a battery that will go flat at the worst possible time. (I am already a liker of personal-planner fb page)

  7. argh! did i miss it?

    i think i did. =( o well.

    but again, this is to show support. =)

    i love paper planner because i need to jot things down while i am in the kitchen, usually.

  8. Yup, giveaway is now closed.

    Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Winner to be announced imminently.


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