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My awesome children’s birthday treat idea

I am always in awe of those mums that prepare awesome treats and yummy food for their children to bring to school on their birthday to share with their classmates… cupcakes, cookies, goodie bags, mini bento packs etc.

Anyway this month, I’ll be making my inaugural appearance on the classroom birthday scene, even if it’s just a small scale one for Nathan’s daycare.

I decided to prepare some goodie bags of treats, but add my own unique twist to it. Instead of just handing out bags of treats, I will mix in a little fun and activity by packaging it into a pass-the-parcel game (make the kids work a little for their treats!)

I snapped some photos of what I did so I could share it with you…

First I packaged up some yummy sweets and goodies into individual goodie bags (very sinful, but I guess it’s alright for an occasional treat).


Then for an added twist, I prepared three ‘Action Bags’. I made them very simple as the kids at the daycare are all very young…


  • The first one was a bag of mini bubble blowers with a note saying “Bubble Fun! Please everyone one bottle and keep one for yourself”
  • The second one was a bag of chocolate gold coins with a note saying “You discovered the gold treasure! Please give everyone a gold coin and keep one for yourself”
  • The third one was a bag of Christmas chocolates with a note saying “Yummy chocolate treats! Please give everyone a piece and keep one for yourself”

I wrapped each bag in a layer of wrapping paper, alternating the various ‘Action Bags’ at intervals in the layers.

(At first I thought of adding other action items like “shake hands with the birthday boy” or “with your neighbour a Merry Christmas”… but decided against it since the kids are all very young. I’ll save it for another occasion when Nathan is older).

I think it should be plenty of fun as it is. This would probably be the first pass-the-parcel game for most of these kids.


I plan to provide all the details of the treats and ‘Action Bags’ to the carer so she can strategically time the music so each child will get at least one turn for a goodie bag.

Hubby was really impressed and said he wished he had a birthday treat like that and that Nathan has a really awesome mummy ^_^


  1. Really awesome idea! I love it :)

    1. Thanks Shu-Yin! Do share your version if you happen to try this out with your son ^_^


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