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Going to bed angry

Why is it the worst flare ups always happen at the worst timings?

Like late at night or before bed. Worst still, having an early start or an important meeting the next morning.

It’s exhausting, mind-numbing, frustrating, stupid, inconvenient and just plain unfair.

I hate it. Yet I cannot let go. I’m one of those folks that would rather plant my flag on that hill and die there. Kamikaze style.


Question: Is it OK to go to bed angry?

I’ve read various conflicting views on this and both sides appear equally convincing…

I know sometimes we need to call a truce or ceasefire, but at the same time I don’t want to die from a heart-attack or stroke in the middle of the night (due to going to bed still hopping mad)

There was something peculiarly gratifying about shouting in a blind rage until your words ran out. Of course, the aftermath was less pleasant. Once you'd told everyone you hated them and not to come after you, where exactly did you go?”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel


So what then?

Well to requote something a wise friend of mine previously quoted...

Sometimes the godliest thing you can do in the universe
is get a good night’s sleep


Hope you all  had a good night’s sleep.


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  1. I can't go to bed angry - I can't sleep angry!!

    1. I'm like you too... but it takes two to tango. And unfortunately sometimes the other party cannot continue... so sometimes I'm have to end up tossing and turning... and *hopefully* eventually surrender to sleep. Other times we end up being two bleary-eyed people the next morning - *hopefully* happier. Though it's not normally always so straightforward. Sigh.

  2. Haha yes, I have the bad habit of bringing up things that bug me late at night. My husband on the other hand has developed the habit of falling asleep if he doesn't like what he's hearing from me! I've had to work on distracting myself (iPad helps!) and just learning to sleep on it. Things usually are better in the morning. Sometimes I'll think to myself, "What WAS that all about!?"

    1. Yes, I can picture your situation because it’s sometime a picture of me too... still up in the dark with my phone or tablet trying to distract the mind. Sometimes it helps to sleep on it. And even if things still don’t feel good the next day, I guess having a little rest is necessary in order to move on with things that need to get done… i.e. kids, household, work etc. I guess sometimes I forget that things are not the same as the younger dating/early marriage days when you can just stay up all night and-talk-and-talk-and-talk… now we have responsibilities that cannot be put on hold… so our feelings must be the one we put on hold. Sigh.

  3. It's hard to let go of those raging emotions, but for us the hubby needs to sleep on it, and for me, I have learnt to either distract myself (like Evelyn) or to share with a friend and ask for a listening ear. And I often turn to God during those silent heavy moments too. Don't you wish we had full control over these circumstances and are able to schedule disagreements in our calendar or something?? :P

    1. Thanks June. Your example is really good. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find someone to share intimate things with. But apart from distracting myself, turning to God should be the way. I'm still learning but glad to know I'm not alone.


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