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Circa 3 B.C. (Before Children) – I watched parents fumble into church, often 15-20 minutes into service, lugging prams and bags of baby supplies. I wondered over this crazy world of parenting… How hard could it be to start 15 minutes earlier? Maybe wake up earlier? Prepare everything in advance?

Present era: 1 A.D. (After Delivery) – I am now living the reality. I decided to document a typical Sunday morning routine to illustrate the typical challenges parents often face:

6.30AM Nathan wakes up so we’re up too. Start the day with the usual wash up, morning cuddle and nappy change.

6.45AM Feed Nathan breakfast. Weetbix and milk.

7.10AM Clean up Weetbix and milk mess from chair, floor and clothes. How did he get Weetbix into his ears?

7.20AM Load laundry into washing machine (I did laundry yesterday and the day before but I still have a backlog to clear before Monday when I’m back at work)

7.30AM Breakfast time for hubs and I. Nathan sits by and nibbles bits from our plate

8.00AM Clear table and wash breakfast dishes

8.15AM Lay out clothes for church, start packing diaper bag – check that there’s spare nappies, wipes, spare change of clothes, snacks, sippy cup etc.

8.30AM Pause to look at clock and contemplate the big question “To Nap, or Not To Nap”. Is it too late to bother with one or should I still push it to avoid risking a cranky bub meltdown at church later?

8.35AM Give Nathan his milk and try to put him down for a nap. It’s an hour earlier than his usual nap time but decide to try anyway.

8.45AM Laundry load done. Unload washing machine and hang washed clothes up to dry

9.05AM Nathan not asleep yet. Contemplate whether to pick him up or let him try and settle himself. Decide on the latter so that I get on with doing stuff around the house.

9.10AM Prepare Nathan’s lunch for later – rice and lentils with potato and chicken. Nathan still not asleep but seems happy talking to himself. Decide to leave him for a while longer to get on with doing stuff. Finish lunch preparations and pack everything into my bag

9.25AM Hurry to change clothes, slap on some lipstick and run a brush quickly through my hair.

9.35AM Attend to Nathan… quickly change his nappy and clothes, put on his shoes etc.

Nathan in his Sunday best

9.45AM We’re on the way out the door by now, but often at this point some drama happens to delay us – sometimes it’s a poopsplosion or throw up or a spill or mess. Today Nathan happen to slip and fall down hard, flat on his back and proceeded have a major meltdown. He’s probably disoriented as he hadn’t had a nap yet. We pause to check for injuries and to soothe the boo-boo.

9.55AM Finally everything and everyone is the car and we’re off. Start mentally planning what to do if Nathan falls asleep in the car.

10.20AM Arrive at church (finally). 20 minutes late but we made it! Nathan’s still awake but looks tired. Hmmm… should I leave him at creche or take him with me and try to get him to nap in my arms?

10.45AM Slip Nathan into my sling and try to rock him for a short nap whilst listening to the sermon.

11.05AM Nathan not cooperating. Decide to bring him to creche.

11.15AM Creche room is understaffed – too many babies and too few carers on duty today. Decided to help ease the load by changing Nathan’s nappy myself and feeding him an early lunch.

11.45AM Managed to get just a little over half of Nathan’s lunch into his tummy. Decided to give the remainder a break. Should we head out for lunch or head home? Nathan’s been holding up pretty well but was clearly getting tired.

12.15PM We’re in the car on the way home. Decided it would be too much of a stretch to push Nathan further without a nap.

12.30PM Arrive home (finally). Nathan is fast asleep in his seat. Should we move him or leave him there a little longer?

And that’s our Sunday morning! How was yours?

Btw, I would not say my routine should be seen as the ideal example to follow. I’m sure other mothers out there manage even more efficiently than this. If we add another kid or two down the track, somehow I’ll need to up my game even more.


  1. How did you you get him to strike THAT pose?

  2. Completely spontaneous... he is just a born natural stylo milo poser!

  3. Hahaha! Think that sounds JUST like our sunday mornings!! And we also have that whole worrying-about-naps theme that runs throughout any day with an outing, and dictating almost every decision we makes :P


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