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Jumperoo review is out

For while now I’ve been contemplating getting a activity centre or a doorway jumper for my son who’s now into his 9th month. He’s been getting increasingly active as the days go by with an insane amount of energy to burn.

I considered getting a walker or doorway jumper, but was concerned over safety issues with such items highlighted in Choice magazine’s list of Ten Things Not to Buy Your Kids. Hence stationary activity centres appear to be the safer alternative for what I was after.

So when Fisher-Price gave me the opportunity to review their Luv U Zoo Jumperoo, I was thrilled. My official review has been published on the Bub Hub Reviews section which you can check out here or read below:

Jumperoo - the perfect hybrid between activity centres and baby jumpers

I was impressed that the Jumperoo was not just a static activity centre, but doubled up as a baby jumper as well, which is a safer option to doorway jumpers. It’s the perfect hybrid solution between activity centres and baby jumpers.

Here’s my assessment of the Jumperoo…

Highlights and pros…

  • Simple to assemble – honestly, I was able to put it all together by myself without hubby’s help in under 20 minutes, in fact the hardest part was just removing all the plastic covering and packaging from the various components
  • Deep seat with comfortable padding – the depth of the seat is considered to be safer and more secure, especially for taller babies, as it minimises the possibility of them tipping over or flopping around in the seat
  • Colourful interactive toys – I liked the fact that each toy has an interactive feature, whether spinning, rattling or jiggling, for bub to explore and experiment with. I also found the toys fasten on very securely with very minimal chance of them inadvertently being popped off
  • Interactive music, sounds and lights – potentially can serve as a good way for bub to learn cause-effect when he associates his jumping with the lights and sound. The music is also unobtrusive and not loud or irritating
  • Easily detachable seat pad – so it can be tossed into the wash easily as needed, very important!

Things that would have been better…

  • Rotating seat doesn’t turn very smoothly – I found this point to be somewhat inconsistent across different reviews as some parents found it an issue and some didn’t, but I would say in my case it’s definitely something to look into
  • Including some textured toys – the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo features all plastic toys; it would be nice to have some textured fabric toys for added tactile stimulation
  • Having an additional lower setting – I found the lowest setting just at the borderline for my 9-month old, so I think some younger or smaller bubs might find the Jumperoo too high for them (however putting a cushion or pillow under their feet may help)

My bub’s assessment of the Jumperoo?

  • He just loves it and couldn’t stop jumping and touching the different toys the whole time he was in it, gurgling with delight with every jump and leap.
  • He definitely burned off a lot of energy in there as he slept very soundly for his afternoon nap after a good 20-minute session playing in the Jumperoo.

Closing thoughts…

As much as I and my son love it, I wouldn’t leave him in it all the time as I believe it’s still important for babies to get plenty of mat and tummy time as part of their development. If you have an older bub like me, you might find after a while they will want to come out of the Jumperoo to explore other things or crawl around.

Nevertheless I do think the Jumperoo a fantastic product. Albeit it is somewhat on the pricier end of the scale of activity centres, but might be well justified in the fact that it is considered to be the top product of its kind in the market.

If you’re planning to invest in an activity centre, I would say this as a good versatile product that adjusts to your baby’s growth and incorporates the safety features of stationary activity centres with the all the bouncy fun of baby jumpers


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