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Amazing flea market finds

I think I’ve discovered yet another new-found passion – flea market shopping! All thanks to my friend Jamie who introduced me to the wonderful world of flea markets.On Sunday morning we headed out bright and early to the flea market at Kardinya and were amazed at the scale of the market. We saw all kinds of sellers who set out their bits and wares on makeshift tables, mats, and backs of trucks and station wagons.

Teething dramas

For those people pining for more news and pictures of Nathan, here’s the headlines for the latest newsflash from the nursery…“TEETHING!!! THE DRAMA BEGINS…”I had been wondering when the whole teething adventure would begin. Nathan had been becoming increasing drooly over the past few weeks and his fingers have become a big favourite on his menu…

My version of the clutch cube

Still have not managed to find a slot to do a more cerita panjang kinda post. Anyway I think posts with lotsa pictures, especially ones with my chubby bubby are always a winner.Here’s another something I made for Nathan which was inspired by a Lamaze Clutch Cube I saw a photo of friend’s baby playing with. It’s a mummy-made-patchy-vintagy cube!

Mummy the cow hits a snag

Sorry for the near-week-long pause in my blogging-roll. I really was on a roll, and even now there’s so many things on my mind to share but I have nothing better than the classic “not enough time” line… with office work getting busier, Nathan’s teething sagas (another tale, another time) and myriads of various things to do.Anyway for today’s post, we’ll be revisiting the breast pumping topic.

Week 20 update

Nathan is 20 weeks and one day old today – almost 5 months old!I haven’t posted an update in a while, but a lot has been happening.For one, he’s grown bigger. We haven’t weighed him just yet, but some of his clothes are definitely getting to be a tight fit already.His big sparkling eyes, chubby rosy cheeks and easy-going demeanour are a great delight to everyone who see him. In church it now takes me double the usual time to walk across a room because we need to stop every few moments for the benefit of his admirers ^_^Some new developments on his part include:1. Laughing when tickled – he lets out the most delightful chuckly gurgle, which makes great fun for playing games like ‘round and round the garden’ and ‘this little piggy’… he also giggles at all sorts of random stuff, like yesterday, he somehow found it super funny getting his face wiped with a warm wash cloth during bath time2. Playing with his hands – yes, it’s now very evident that he knows where his hands are and can amuse…

Post mothers’ day thoughts

I’m two days late with this post. I had started this post in my mind on the eve of Mothers’ Day, then tried to sit down in front of the computer on Sunday afternoon to piece it together… but things being as they are, you mums out there will have to settle for a belated Mothers’ Day post… *sheepish grin*On Sunday our church had its customary celebrations with the kids’ presentation, presents and prayers for all the mums. When our pastor called for all the mothers in the house to stand, I gingerly stood up. It was the first time I did so and it felt rather awkward. I was so new and just barely into this whole thing… dare I really join the ranks of all these other women standing up around me?Each woman who stood up received a rose and a little gift – the ladybug actually unfolds into an envirobag to use for shopping in place of plastic bags. Very cute and handy!I also received a few greetings and messages from friends and loved ones wishing me happy mother’s day… most of them tacked on w…

Turning into a WAHM

So with all the sewing frenzy happening, I think you guys need a break from all that. So let’s talk about something else…One of the number one questions I have been getting is “are you back at work yet?”. People seem to be innately curious about whether I’ve gone down the full time SAHM (stay-at-home-mum) route or the working career mum.When we talked about plans after the baby arrived, we anticipated a lot of challenges – mainly because we are living overseas away from immediate family, which means we can’t go down a common arrangement in Malaysia/Singapore to enlist the help of doting grandparents to look after baby while we were at work.Nevertheless, both hubs and I ideally wanted to avoid sending Nathan to childcare too early, leaving those precious ‘first time’ moments to be witnessed by strangers.Thankfully my company has allowed me to return to work on a part-time/work-from-home basis. So I’m able to clock in most of my work hours at home and pop into the office for a few hours…

More Popular Posts

DSC07989Our DIY outdoor chalkboard

Today’s entry is not so much a post as it is just a way to showcase the latest addition to our outdoor play area… Our new mega sized outdoor chalkboard!


SnailCraftCollage2Learning about snails

This past week has been all about snails.The children are always fascinated by the snails in our garden and ask endless questions about them.A couple of weeks back, one of my boys stumbled across a snail crawling along the ground.


[image%255B6%255D.png]DIY magnet shapes

A couple of weeks ago, I had posted this snapshot of these set of magnetic shapes I made on my Instagram. I received a few curious questions on how I made them.


DSC06501A_thumb[1]Three Questions

And so Nathan’s very first day of kindergarten is over. It was a mixture of good, bad, sweet and sour. I think that so much happens throughout the day, it can be challenging for a little person to filter through it all.


DSC05282My cup runneth over

These days my days are packed full to the brim. From the moment I wake up to the sound of Grace calling through the baby monitor and Nathan’s cheeky face peering at me over the edge of the bed… to the evening when I finally tuck them into bed and say goodnight.