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Latest additions to the stash

Get ready for another ramble on my current obsession: cloth diapers! I know, some of you are probably sick of the topic and will probably skip this post. I can’t help it, I never realised how much fun diapering a baby could be. I sometimes actually LOOK FORWARD to nappy changing times because I get to choose what type of nappy to use, have fun changing baby, and interact more with him as I talk to him about what nappy I’ve chosen, talk him through the steps, tell him how cute he looks and step back and admire my handiwork.

Sooo… check out the latest additions to my cloth diaper stash

Wool covers!


I picked them up through Freecycle from a lady who was clearing her house in preparation for an interstate move.

Basically these go over a prefold/muslin/fitted cloth nappy as a waterproof cover. Yes, that’s right… wool can be waterproof. And did you also know that…

1. Wool fibre is naturally absorbent but is also able to ‘wick’ or pull away moisture and release it into the air

2. The natural lanolin in wool creates a natural waterproof barrier that also neutralises the ammonia in urine

3. Wool is is breathable and therefore cooling to use in summer, but also naturally insulating for winter time

These are just some of the many facts I learnt about wool while I was surfing the web for cloth diaper information (another favourite related past time). All this made me so intrigued about wool and got me curious to try it.

So the moment I came across the opportunity to pick up some wool covers for free, I jumped at it. It was good stuff too! Well cared for and in excellent condition. Three of them were from a really good brand called Llamajama and two of them I figured were hand knit as there were no labels on them.

I washed them thoroughly and followed my friend Rebecca’s instructions on how to lanolise them. The moment they were dry, I immediately tried them on my little nappy model…


I knoooow… pink trimmings??? Well, I told Nathan that he was boy enough to carry them off! But i think the other pink one is definitely waaaay too girly… mummy knows the limits for boys. I’ll save them for next time *wink*


  1. U deleted my comment? Communist!!
    - sam

  2. omo that photo!! heart heart heart! november can't come fast enough!

  3. Hey minmin... ya, he'll definitely look forward to receiving all the love if he is aware of all the adoring aunties and uncles waiting for him!

    Sam: what comment? of course i would not delete it. this is the first comment from you i received in my alerts in a long time

  4. the longies, are they llamajamas? They're my favourite commercial wool pants :)

  5. Yap, the longies and the two brown ones are from llamajama. the longies are still too big for him, but he'll of course grow into them


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