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Not so wonderful wonder week

Sorry for the lack of updates Nathan-wise. It has been a very trying Week 12. Visitors in town (father-in-law and other guests) and apparently Nathan is going through a growth spurt or wonder week where he is undergoing a major developmental leap and as a result is more fussy and crankier than usual. Coupled with guests in the house, his routine has gone haywire and has been waking up and nursing at random times throughout the day. He has been stickier to me as well and seems to need extra cuddle time, sometimes refusing to sleep anywhere else except in my arms.

I feel for the kid, I really do. It must be hard to nap with all the strange new voices and noises in the house. Also during waketimes, he is sometimes required to entertain the guests. Here's a thought: why do adults like to talk to a baby all at the same time? The poor kid is trying to take it all in and on top of that needs to dart his eyes here and there to layan each adult calling his name. Nathan is actually quite sporting and doesn't fuss when being carried by other people... but after everyone is done with him, they hand him back to me and it's up to me to soothe him and quieten him down to put him to sleep. I also have to do this almost double the usual number of times during the day as he is more wakeful and easily disturbed from his naps recently.

I am EXHAUSTED and going a bit crazy. I've also been a bit more irritable which is hard to manage with guests around. Here's another question: why do some older people have a way of pointing out the blindingly obvious? And from their expression they seem under the impression that we can't see it?


1. The baby is crying wor! - yes, I have ears too... if you can hear it, of course I can as well... just give me a second won't you?

2. He's got a rash/red mark there wor! - I'm his mother, of course I notice every teeny tiny thing about him... I've already put medicine on it and am doing everything I can to make it better

3. The sun is very hot wor! (meaning: are you sure you want to bring him out?) - pleeeeease, these evening walks are one of the few things keeping my sanity in check from being cooped up in the house all day with Nathan. We need the fresh air before mother and son drive each other crazy up the wall!

(Note: this is not actually a list of actual responses I have, it's just what goes on in my head silently when these phrases are thrown at me)

Oh my gosh, there he goes again... waking up early from his nap. Gotta go!

(Sorry for the mini rant. Having doting family and visitors is always a blessing... it's just a hard patch I'm going through right now that's bringing this all out)


  1. Always remember, you will grow old one day. Hopefully, you will not have to experience this. Be compassionate. Its only a few days.

  2. The above photo of Nathan does look a bit stressed out. May be he was growing up rather quickly. When my kids kept falling flat on the floor (all by themselves) or refuse to sleep/eat, I know they have grown taller! They need time to adjust. But as God designs it to be, we all always have a place we could return to :- mummy & daddy ! Praise God for all the parents !

  3. Thanks so much for the encouragement. It has been a tough week but it helps to remind myself that this tough phase Nathan is going through is all for a reason. Looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel!

  4. Relax!! You are blessed that Nathan is not a cranky type. When MY kids were going through the growth sputs, they were generally rather fussy about food and sleep. However a week later -whoa!! new skills emerge. It's exciting.


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