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Night nursing

So as mentioned in my last post, we’re not quite over the sleeping through the night hurdle fully just yet. I’m fine with it for now… just take it step by step. Till then, night nursing will still be a regular part of my daily routine.

So how are you set up for night nursing sessions?

Here’s how our nursery is set up…


(BTW, if you’re planning to have baby in a separate room, you might find it really helpful to have a bed in the room – especially in the early weeks when you’re still in exhaustion mode after the birth and baby is nursing around the clock. I found it much better to be able to lie down and nurse so I can doze off if I need to. It was also found it easier on my bottom because of my stitches)

So for night nursing, the important tools for me are:

1. Baby monitor – please excuse the tape, it’s a pre-loved monitor from a friend so the volume control is sometimes a bit fiddly, other than that it works perfectly


2. Comfy pillows –  need plenty of good back and arm support to get into the most comfy position


3. Bedside lamp – I realised that it was important to keep the environment as unstimulating as possible to keep those night nursing sessions all about just eating then going back to sleep. Our bedside lamp, though small, was still a bit too bright in the middle of the night for my liking, so I draped an old scarf over it to create a more ‘romantic’ setting


3. Water – always essential for all breastfeeding sessions anyway. So I always remind myself to keep a bottle on the bedside table to avoid having to scramble for some water in the middle of the night


4. Phone – nursing sessions are always the best time to catch up on Facebook updates, blog feeds and searching through online articles on solutions for all my burning baby questions



  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Regarding night feeds, I co-slept with all my babies. The littlest one is still with me. When I brought home my first born from the hospital, I did put her in a crib near my bed. But it was so exhausting taking her in and out of that crib for night feeds. Plus, when she finally fell back asleep, I didn't want to move her and wake her up again. Hence, my decision to co-sleep. Aaah, didn't lose much sleep after that :)


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