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I made my own kaya!

This blog has turned into a total mummy blog! I think the only people who are taking an interest are other mummies. So this next post is for a wider audience in mind. I haven’t blogged about anything cooking related lately, so thought I’d mix things up a bit with a post on making my very own homemade kaya!

I found the recipe here and saw how easy it was. This recipe could go into the 4 Ingredient category… and it only takes about half an hour to make – not kidding! After you read about this, I can bet you’ll be heading into the kitchen to try this one out yourself.

Tools required
Mixing bowl

Coconut milk
Pandan leaves/flavouring

The recipe indicated quantity of the ingredients in terms of ratios of 1:1:1 for the eggs, coconut milk and sugar. For the flavouring, you only need 1-2 leaves or a few drops of essence.

To give you a clearer idea of how much coconut milk, sugar and eggs to prepare, here’s how much I used to produce about 350g of kaya:

4 eggs
200ml coconut milk
1 cup sugar
Quarter teaspoon pandan essence

Now to put it all together:

1. Whisk eggs and sugar together in a large bowl

2. Place in microwave and heat on high for one minute, remove from microwave and whisk vigorously

3. Repeat step #2

4. Whisk in coconut milk and pandan

5. Repeat step #2 twice

6. Repeat step #2 four more times, but reduce microwave time to 30 seconds

With all the repeated heating and whisking, you should end up with a mixture that looks like this…


The microwave times I indicated are based on roughly halving the ingredient amount from the original recipe. If you want to double it, you should adjust the microwave times accordingly.

As you microwave the mixture, you may find the eggy bits start to turn a bit grainy or slightly lumpy… don’t worry about it, just keep whisking it down each time until you get a smooth texture.

If you find your whisking strength is just not enough, you can do what I did – use an handheld electric whisker. Just be very careful not to splatter it everywhere as the mixture gets VERY hot.

Then after that, just decant into jars and containers…


And there you have it, fresh and yummy homemade kaya… made with easy to find and cheap ingredients in an instant!


Now go forth and make your kaya… and don’t forget to take photos and show me.


  1. i'm loving this frequent postings! =) i just put a tray of prune cake into the oven (leftover stewed prunes). snapped a pic just for you. ;)

  2. hey, the kaya in the glass container looks like some facial product from Body Shop!! Diana

  3. aaah, stewed prunes and prune cake... I feel a craving coming on. wish you could send me a piece. all i can do now is just add prunes to the grocery list.

    diana, what product is that? well... its all natural ingredients, maybe it can be used for something along those lines! ^_^

  4. mom and dad visited last week and brought some pandan extract from KK as i requested. i'm so excited to try the recipe out soon!

  5. show me how it turns out, irene!

  6. O.O i cannot believe i forgot about this recipe!!!!!!!!!! ARGH. i've often stared at my FOUR bottles of pandan essence wondering why i requested them in the first place!!!

    next trip to the store -- coconut milk!!!

    1. Ya... I remember you placing a special order for the pandan essence with your parents to bring over all the way from Malaysia. You MUST try it and tell me how it turns out!


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