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One week

I know, I know... yet another long hiatus from this blog. But as some of you know, a lot of pretty exciting things have happened in recent days. The most significant being the arrival of little fella...

After a long and arduous journey which started around 6.30pm on Christmas Eve when my water broke, Baby Nathan finally made his appearance at 4.28pm on Christmas Day. I'm not sure if I should share my birth story as I know it can really put some girls off. I myself never appreciated those 'horror story' tales of birthing. But as cliche as this next phrase is, the tough ordeal is just one small part of the entire journey to parenthood and the memory of the pain soon fades away. During the labour I reminded myself of this phrase my friend Irene shared once: "This too shall pass" and indeed it did.

Today marks the one week milestone for Nathan's life on earth. It's been a constant learning experience for both Nathan and us, and we're doing our best to cherish every moment of it. I'm glad to say that even during those middle-of-the-night graveyard shift feeds, when Nathan and myself can barely keep our eyes open, I've been cherishing the closeness of his skin against mine, the smell of his hair, and the rhythm of his soft breathing.

Oh, and Happy New Year everyone? Hope your celebrations were a blast. Mine was spent counting it down with Nathan, which was for me the perfect way to spend it.


  1. Dear Serene, Samu told me you were due in Dec, so I thought news and photos of baby's arrival must be out by now! Nathan, welcome to the family!

    Love and congrats to you, hubby, Uncle, Aunt, Sam & Paul.. I'm waiting to hear how your mum spoils him like Ryan's grandma..

    But meanwhile, take good care of yourself and baby!!


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