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Beetroot harvest

I guess it’s about time for another garden update. Mum always asks about how the beetroot plants, tomatoes and other plants are doing almost every time she calls. So since pictures paint a thousand words…Here is hubby’s latest addition to the vege patch. Definitely a good idea now that the blazing hot summer heat is upon us.The grapes are growing steadily. Not quite ready yet but they look like they’re on the right track.The cherry tomatoes are looking exceedingly gorgeous. We’ll be harvesting them next.Because today’s focus was on the beetroot.Hubby wanted me to show this next picture to show just how much he’s had to endure with keeping the caterpillars and pests in check. Things could have looked a lot worse than this had it not been for his constant warfare against those pesky critters.Here they are peeking from underneath their leaves. Get ready to die!!!First victim. They’re not very big because we decided we’d better harvest them before caterpillars eat them all up before we do…

The countdown begins

So yesterday was my last day at the office and I am now officially on maternity leave.

8 days to EDD.

The number one FAQ I get at this stage is: so how do you feel?

Well, I'd sum it up in three main points...

#1. Surreal. Even at 38 weeks I still struggle to grasp the whole concept that I am going to be a mum to an actual little boy. I still have moments when I pause and think that maybe this is all just my imagination. And then I feel a little kick. That pretty much jolts me back to the 'realness' of what's happening now.

#2. Undecided. You'd think I'd have everything all settled and planned out nicely. But even at this second, I'm worrying about things like sleeping arrangements (separate nursery or co-sleeping?), birth plan (go with the full works or tough it out?), heck I was so undecided about whether to have a baby shower until I reached the stage where I was just too tired to plan one.

#3. Completely inadequately prepared. As I flick through various Faceb…

Christmas cooking begins

Now that we’re well into December, I think it’s safe to start taking about Christmas and sending out Christmas greetings and wishes.Our Christmas tree is up again…And over the weekend, as the picture below illustrates I’ve launched into baking-frenzy mode…Hubby found the assortment of little gingerbread men too cute for words... no words required anyway, he just popped one of these babies into his tummy.This is the recipe I usedThe gingerbread cookie dough is not difficult to make. The most time consuming part for me was cutting out the gingerbread men shapes. Although I had a cookie cutter, the warm weather made the cookie dough turn soft and oily very quickly, so I had to refrigerate the dough in between 'rolls' before I cut out another batch of cookies.The part I enjoyed most was decorating the little men. I said to hubby that I wish I could get all the little men pre-shaped and pre-baked so I could just focus solely on decorating an endless array of the little men.Hubby…

A never heard of before Hakka specialty

I have not posted an updated related to my cooking escapades for a while, so I thought to share one of the cooking projects I undertook over the weekend:Presenting… Hakka Thunder' Tea Rice or Lui Char FanGrowing up I’ve had the privilege to enjoy lots of yummy traditional Hakka dishes like pak cham kai, ngiong tew foo and kiu nyuk… but in all my years, I’ve never tasted or even heard of this thunder tea rice.I came across the dish and recipe on Table for 2 and found it so intriguing. The fact that it was a Hakka speciality peaked my interest even more. So I rolled up my sleeves and just dove into it. The recipe wasn’t actually difficult but was just a bit methodical as it required quite a bit prep time for each condimentThere is also a special ‘tea soup’ base to prepare, which was basically whizzing up an assortment of herbs and condiments.To serve, you just scoop in some rice into a big bow and arrange all the condiments around it, mix some hot water with the ‘tea soup’ base and …

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These days my days are packed full to the brim. From the moment I wake up to the sound of Grace calling through the baby monitor and Nathan’s cheeky face peering at me over the edge of the bed… to the evening when I finally tuck them into bed and say goodnight.