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First flutterings

I’m just about at the halfway mark. 20 weeks down, about 20 more weeks to go.

Incidentally, I never used to get this whole tracking in terms of weeks thing. Every time I used to ask a preggy friend how far along she was, and she would say such and such number of weeks, I’d automatically convert it in my head and likely respond with “oh, so that would be about such and such number of months?”.

Sometimes I used to wonder “why not just say it in months?”. But now here I am doing the exact same thing. Apparently it’s some kind of pregnancy lingo thing, probably picked up along the way from all the doctor/midwife speak, reading pregnancy articles and talking to other friends who’ve been pregnant before. On top of that, after the first month or so, you realise what a snail’s pace you’d be moving at if you have to wait a whole month before you can tick off another milestone. I get it now.

I felt my first jiggle about a week ago. It was hard to tell at first as it was so faint that I thought maybe it was just gas or a stomach thing. Most articles I read said first time mums most likely can’t feel anything this early. But someone told me that his wife described the first movements like butterflies in her tummy.

I described mine to hubby as like a flutter of teeny tiny pinches from the inside of my belly. I remember first feeling it late last week around 4pm one afternoon while sitting at my desk in the office, while I was contemplating some figures on a spreadsheet at my computer, right there and then.

I’m starting to be more conscious of the movements as the days go by and as the flutterings become more distinct. Hubby was not able to share the experience at first because it was too tiny to feel from outside. But last night in bed while I was lying still on my side, I felt something and mentioned it to hubby, so of course he was like “I wanna feel it, I wanna feel it”. I wasn’t sure if he’d able to feel it, but I placed his hand on the spot where I last felt it and we waited quietly for a while until we felt a teeny tiny jerk. It was very very faint, but hubby said he did feel something.

Oh and we just went for our 20 week scan this week so we can finally answer the burning question… pink or blue?


  1. ugh. SERENE!!! the suspense is killing me!!!
    and yes, you are EXACTLY right about the week vs. month thing. month is waaay too long a milestone. and every week is such an achievement -- for the mommy, as well as the little one.
    YAY!!! you are half way!!!

  2. so exciting. yes every week, every day is an achievement :)

  3. I once asked a friend if his wife was expecting a boy or a girl, he said 'Yes, we are expecting a boy or a girl' :)


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