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The dawn of the cat era

We have been talking about getting a pet. A dog would have been great, but I think they do need a quite a bit of attention and particularly consistent training at the start, which we knew we could not give. So we talked about getting a cat.

Hubby had never had a pet before, so he had a lot of questions.

“What kind of things will we need to get for it?”

“How much will it cost to maintain it?”

“How long can it live up to?”

I duly answered his questions and did some research on the ones I wasn’t sure of… and when he was satisfied with the information, then came the best question yet…

“Aaah, OK… cool, cool… so what can the cat do for us?”

“Huh? do for us? He will love us lar! What do you mean?”

“I mean like, what can it do… like maybe catch insects for us or something…”

I burst out laughing.

“Seriously, who knows… maybe can get some ROI or tax benefits for pest control or something”

“You mean like put the cat in our investment property for it to catch insects? Pleeeease lar…no way, man!”

But after such discussions, we seriously started to look into it. I did some of research, looking into the pros and cons of different breeds and adoption options.

Then just last week I happen to mention it to my colleague, and she exclaimed excitedly “…my friend has been trying to look for someone to adopt her cat! She’s moving back to Canada in a few weeks and wants to find a good home for him…

So she introduced us, had a look at some photos (he was gorgeous!) and we popped by their apartment to meet him.

They called him Roo, or Roux which means ‘red hair’ in French (they're a French Canadian couple). He was just over a year old, they had adopted him as a kitten from the RSPCA.


We loved him on the spot… he was such a gorgeous rich reddish-orange colour, beautiful big golden eyes, and showed an inquisitive, affectionate temperament.

He seems to be settling in pretty well. He’s been a busy explorer in our house, which must be a big change compared to the cosy little apartment he came from.

He’s already established this little corner as one of his favourite spots… here he is just woken up from a nice siesta


Look at those big eyes... don't you think they're just like 'Puss in Boots' in Shrek?

See how manja he is


Love me, love me…


Le purrrrrr.


We have been calling him Mishu. Seems to suit him well with his super teh and manja character.


  1. I also got questions about your cat
    - do u hv to pay for adopting him?
    - Were u given (or you bought) his gear as well?
    - u can just change his name?

    Guess u can't take ur cat out for picnics unless it is in your own backyard.

  2. He is not obese... he's just very furry. He is quite a small eater, we feed him about 100g of cat food a day.

    We didn't have to pay for adopting him. We offered to pay something, but they refused and said they just wanted to find a good home, so we might get them a gift or something as a thanks.

    Yes, they gave us his 'equipment' as he is quite attached to his own toys, blanket, sleeping bed, cushion and scratching post.

    Well, we tried 'Roux' a couple of times, but maybe our pronounciation is not 'French' enough.

    Ya, no outdoor excursions for this guy. He likes being indoors.

  3. he looks so pampered. nice fur, confident that he's being loved. and yes he does look a lot like puss in shrek. i've always liked antonio banderas, more so when he's aging so well now

  4. cute! am not cat person but his eyes look smart!

  5. cantik kitty kat ! :)
    looks exactly like puss in boots !

    eu lynn

  6. wow!! he IS fat!! didn't believe it until i saw him. We should put both our cats in a weight loss regime!

  7. Really? He doesn’t seem fat because he’s quite fluffy. Should I cut down his food intake? I feel so sorry for him because he always seems ravenous at meal times.

  8. hmmm... cats almost never overeat so maybe he needs MORE FOOD????

  9. christopher wants to have a look at your cat

  10. Ya... come over any time!

    BTW, heard that Ronald is away for almost 2 weeks, hope your boys and girl are being good :)


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