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August 8th

Four days from today marks exactly one year since I first found out about my miscarriage... August 8th, 2008. Which I remember because it was also the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Some of the people I care about will probably have some concerns as they read this... Is she in depression? Or going through an emotional breakdown? Maybe unable to let go of the past? I assure all concerned parties that I am perfectly fine. I have not been keeping track of that day all this time. It's something that I just happen to recall as I was scrolling through my calendar for the week ahead and that date just flicked across my phone screen. It is a very significant date... 08/08/08.

One year. I never imagined time to fly by so quickly. How precious is this thing - time. But in between the moments when we do pause to marvel the preciousness of it all, the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, are like a watch in the night. Because it seems only just the other day when that significant event, changed life as you knew it then, and made that notch on your heart... yet another notch added to the series of notches that mark out your life... because as it is said, life it not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

I remember watching this movie some time ago, Marley & Me. It's a comedy/drama of a couple's journey through life. There was this scene of when the main female character found out she had miscarried. And I remember watching that scene and thinking "that is almost a replay of the exact scene that took place when the doctor first broke the news to us".

Even the doctor's little 'speech' seemed like it was memorised and repeated almost word for word... including the sympathetic expression on his face and all.

Does it seem sad that I am talking (or writing) about this again? Well it isn't. It just helps just to express how I feel. And if you find it hard to understand, maybe watching the clip will help you understand...

And don't worry... I am still hoping and trusting that one day (and hopefully soon) I will have good news to share. ^_^


  1. I think you're very couragous and sensible in the way you're dealing with it. very healthy dear.

    Couragous because many ppl would rather not ever talk about it again for fear of pain or what people would think about them.

    Sensible because you lost your beloved babies who were humans on this day last year. and they deserve to be remembered.

    You are an inspiration! You're setting an example for many. I really think so.


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