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Which gen do you identify with?

On Tuesday night, hubs and I were chilling out in front of the TV watching the new gameshow Talkin' 'bout your generation. According to the definition from the show's host, the three generations are classified as follows:

Born 1945-1964: Baby Boomers
Born 1965-1979: Gen X
Born 1980-1994: Gen Y

Hubby wanted to play the quiz against each other, him Gen X and me Gen Y. I refused to, because truth be told I didn't agree that I should be classified under Gen Y.

I'm glad I sided with Gen X coz' in the show, the Gen X team nailed the other two teams hands down...

I did some Googling afterwards to check on the definition of the generations classifications and I found that there was no precise definition because there is certain to be some overlap between the generations.

From piecing together a few of the disparate sources I came across the rough definition which seems to give a broader picture, something like:

Baby Boomers: Post WWII to around mid 60s
Gen X: Mid/late 60s to late 70s/early 80s
Gen Y: Late 70s/Early 80s to Late 90s/early millenials

This makes a bit more sense because I believe I identify more with those who grew up with NKOTB, Charlie Brown, Care Bears, Sweet Valley Twins and the like...

I didn't own a mobile phone until I was in university, the word iPod didn't register in my vocab until after I just started working, and I dO NoT LiKe tO TyPe LiKe tHiS.

...And (which brings me to the main point of my post) I can still vividly remember the era of the cassette tape...

A pic of one of my own mix tapes

Question: Have you ever made your very own mix tape of all your favourite songs?
If you answered YES: I'm sure you can relate.
If you answered NO: I'm afraid you must be very young... OR I must be getting old.

I would sit cross-legged in front of our stereo with the double cassette player, with cassette A on pause, fast forwarding cassette B to my favourite track, and then pressing 'RECORD' at the precise moment. The whole exercise was an art form in itself.

CDs did not even enter my life until I was about 14. I still remember one of the very first CDs my dad bought for us... MEGAHIT 6

Our favourite tracks would be playing on repeat mode... on and on and on...

These were the frequently repeated tracks because dad controlled the remote most of the time:

'Can't Help Falling in Love' by UB40
'Crying Game' by Boy George
'Go West' by Pet Shop Boys
'500 Miles' by The Proclaimers
'Come Undone' by Duran Duran

So I'm dedicated this clip to dad, in memory of all the mind numbing pop-techno beat songs you used to play on repeat mode, thus creating all the latent earworms living in our brains to this day.

'Can't Help Falling in Love' by UB40


  1. you called me just so you could post a new blogpost?

  2. WOW serene u even had it in cd format?! I was still in cassette mode back then and i must say those list of songs were spot on CLASSICS! Memories flooding in!

  3. Also called to say hi mah... thanks for lending me your memory Paul!

  4. oh the Megahits! haha great post. the dillema of the 'generation's. Where do I belong??


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