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Garden update

I'm sure mum is eager to hear some updates on our gardening activity.

On Sunday we went to a nearby nursery to scout around for plants and other garden ideas.

Here are some of the plants that I liked so far:

Bronze Baby Flax - love the rich red tones

I like the dual green and red tones of the leaves... but we were told that it flowered bright pink flowers, I need to think twice about this one

This will grow to a tall elegant tree-like plant

Something for our side garden beds?

In the end we decided to start with four of these Japanese shrubs... hubby bought some manure to plant them in. Will show you the pics when they are planted in.

Have I been a good girl this year???

We didn't expect to receive many presents this Christmas. But a few people here and there have been generous enough to grace our Christmas tree with some pressies. So no need to wrap up 'pretend' empty boxes with wrapping paper to cover the bareness of the metal tree legs.

Among the lovely presents we received this year included...

House warming gift cards - always a good thing to have

Solar Lights for our garden... very nice!

A very chic wine glass holder... (I like your style, Audz)

A bohemian looking vase (thanks Secret Santa!)

And one of my top favourites: The coveted Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker!!!

I must have been a very good girl this year. But more likely, I'm simply surrounded by very very good friends!

Christmas Eve

33 minutes left till Christmas Day 2008.

My shopping is all done (more or less)... My cookies are all baked... My house is all cleaned (pretty much)... and we're set and ready to get into the holiday mood.

So there's no better time then to wish you all a Blessed and Happy Christmas!!!

Early Christmas Pressies

Hubby and I are not really into buying gifts for each other... e.g. Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. We prefer to do something or go somewhere together... the whole quality time thing, you know.

But since this year, we are furnishing the house and getting settled into it pretty close to Christmas... our household items shopping has been pretty much translated into Christmas shopping, as we fall right into the middle of all the Christmas sales and promotions and festivities.

So we decided to consider the following practical items as this year's Christmas presents to ourselves:

Sony Bravia 40" LCD Full HD TV

Electrolux 520 Litre Fridge

Christmas Cooking

It's that time of the year again where the kitchen starts to smell oh so yummy!

Here are a couple of snippets of Christmas cooking projects I've been up to so far...

Project Numero Uno: The 'cheat' version of elegant fruit cake (only 2 basic ingredients required)

Base ingredient #1: Hubby's Favourite Home Brand Fruit Cake... no need the fancy schancy labels, hubby still likes Home Brand the best. Slice it into small squares (approx 6 pieces)

Base ingredient #2: Ready Mix Fondant Icing. Roll it out flat to a about 2-3mm thickness

Then wrap up the little cakes in the fondant icing... this took a bit of time to perfect it, trimming the edges, smoothing the surfaces etc... but it's quite fun, like playing with play-doh

And for a special touch, add some ribbons for a lovely little pressie!

Hubby liked it very much! He said it was a classy twist to one of his favourite snacks

Project Numero Dos: Honey Glazed Ham (an impressive looking dish which is actually quite easy to pre…

Mummy and Daddy in Perth

We had a simple but memorable time during mum and dad's recent trip to Perth...

Proof that daddy cooks!!!

Mum, I'm still keeping a lookout for any sale or promotions on your coveted blouse...

And rest assured that we are looking after the precious little baby plants - they're still green and thriving (the earthworms are looking happy too!)

More photos of mum and dad in Perth >>here

More evidence of dad's cooking >>here

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