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Our wonder paint kit!


House painting is now FINISHED!!! (except for the second coat on the feature walls which we’ll do along the way)

WE received a lot of surprise reactions from people whenever we tell them. It’s like they can’t believe how fast we got through the painting without even taking any leave to do it. We can hardly believe it ourselves...

Anyway, I’ve decided to tell you about our little secret weapon...


Does it look impressive? Or just weird. It doesn’t look like the conventional paintbrush set at all. Where’s the brush? Where’s the roller? Yaaa... I know... special right?

We came across this some time earlier this year when hubby and I were sauntering our way through one of those home expos at the convention centre. This guy was demonstrating how to use this paint kit... looked so interesting as I never saw anything like that before (actually I never painted before either, so it would all have been new to me anyway).

No drops. No spills. No mess.


Easy to use. Even a child can use it.

(Hey, than means I can use it too!)

And you only use HALF the amount of paint.

(Are you serious???)

We were one of those patrons that stood at his booth for quite a while asking many questions. And I even held the brush and tried it out myself to practice how to use it if we decided to get a set. The crowd around us accumulated and watched the demo curiously.

I am usually VERY VERY sceptical about buying this ‘wonder miracle’ products. But in this case, it really looked very credible.

Boy were we glad we got this little baby. Our painting project was hassle free and pretty smooth. Of course hubby did put in a lot of effort as he went down to the house for a couple of hours every day after work. But I think the work itself was not unpleasant. There was no need to mess around with those drop sheets and funny corners. We didn’t need to lay newspapers and canvass sheets all over the rooms before we painted. And we were able to glide into all the funny angles and corners to get a neat finish.

I actually found the painting to be quite therapeutic as I slide the brush across the walls and see the paint glide on so evenly and smoothly in one clean sweep.

And you know what? That part about using half the amount of paint was absolutely TRUE. When we went to the paint shop to purchase our paint, they would review the house plan, measure it up and give a estimate on how many cans of paint we needed. So we decided to follow the claims of the person who promoted the paint brush set to us and told the person at the paint shop that we only wanted half the amount. We could always buy more later if we needed it anyway.

And really, it was so ngam lor. There were a couple of paint colours which we were not entirely sure and decided to buy a bit more, and we still have quite a bit left over... anyone up for making over their rooms in ‘Lotus Blue’ or ‘Vitesse’?

The downside is that apparently this set is not available in retail. Don’t know how true is that, but from the numerous trips we’ve made to Bunnings and various paint shops, I’ve never seen this type of paint kit for sale. Apparently must order directly from Melbourne, but that time they were having special promotion at the Home Expo, so we got it at a discount.

Why is it not sold in retail? Well the guy told us that because this is so different and new, people don’t know what it is or how to use it. They need someone who is able to demonstrate it and teach them how to use it. Apparently they had tried to sell it through retail before, but it didn’t do well because ordinary consumers never pick it up as they have no clue what it is. When they think of painting, they just assume using the usual paint brush and roller brush. So they gave up and focused on supplying it through niche channels such as expos, live demos and word of mouth.

Anyway, I must also give a special mention to ALVIN CHONG – one of our dear youth members who helped us one of the days with the painting. THANK YOU ALVIN!!!

And so, we will be packing up and moving into our new abode this weekend. Can’t wait!


  1. this is a good product i should keep that in mind for next time whats it called by the way?...oh ya wheres ur house ah never hear u mention the suburb:)

  2. Yeah, it's very good.

    I couldn't remember what is was called which is why I didn't mention it.

    I think it was called Easi-Paint or something like that. Will get more details for you shortly :)

  3. Our suburb is called 'SUCCESS'

    (not kidding - very serious face)


  4. Wow.thanks for the info...easipaint.will remember that

  5. I used it too to paint my house... that was 3 years ago :) Beccca

  6. Hopefully 3 years is enough time to get over noticing all the imperfections of your work... I still haven't got over ours :(

  7. 3 years is plenty enough, I give you 6 months. Besides, most guests don't notice them :) I'm already thinking of 'improvements' if we do get to build another one, then again, there's no such thing as a perfect house. Only hospitable, homely imperfect ones that look good.


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