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Soooo... the time has finally come for us to MOVE!!!

And in the same spirit of DIY, we decided to apply the same principle here as well.

So we hired a big 3-tonne truck...

And with the help of some friends...

(pic above: the kelefeh)

We loaded it up...

(Above: Siang providing his 'expert' consultation on how best to position the cargo)

And unloaded it at our new home...

So we are now living in a world of cardboard boxes and disparate furniture pieces...

So now I leave you to rummage through my boxes for the shampoo so I can take a shower!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped us out with our moving... hope you guys enjoyed the nandos and cold beer!!!

It's called Easi-Paint

A couple of people have asked us about what this wonder paint kit we used.

I actually forgot the name of the product which was why I didn't mention it. But after a quick check with hubby, I now know.

So for those interested, the product is called Easi-Paint Home Decorating Kit

You can order in online at

Our wonder paint kit!


House painting is now FINISHED!!! (except for the second coat on the feature walls which we’ll do along the way)

WE received a lot of surprise reactions from people whenever we tell them. It’s like they can’t believe how fast we got through the painting without even taking any leave to do it. We can hardly believe it ourselves...

Anyway, I’ve decided to tell you about our little secret weapon...


Does it look impressive? Or just weird. It doesn’t look like the conventional paintbrush set at all. Where’s the brush? Where’s the roller? Yaaa... I know... special right?

We came across this some time earlier this year when hubby and I were sauntering our way through one of those home expos at the convention centre. This guy was demonstrating how to use this paint kit... looked so interesting as I never saw anything like that before (actually I never painted before either, so it would all have been new to me anyway).

No drops. No spills. No mess.


Easy to use. Even a chil…

Glimpse into our almost finished home

Entrance hallway


Master Ensuite


We're aiming to move in by this weekend. Lots of packing to do to get there! But very excited :)


Aaaahhhh... floooors!!!

All this while there has been a lot of activity happening in the background parallel to our painting efforts.

We have chosen to lay three types of floors throughout the house:

1. Tiles - easy to maintain and clean

2. Carpet

- Warm and cosy in the bedroom

- Sound absorbent (for home theatre)

Coming soon: timber laminates...

(And yes I know... need to vaccuum)

Some painting tips (for those interested)

Important painting tip: when painting fresh unplastered walls, you always need to have a sealer base coat to start with. Otherwise the lime in the plaster will react with the paint colour which might have unpleasant results next time.

We had used up a whole weekend at the start of our painting project to paint this base sealer coat throughout the house. It was a bit dull because it was not the actual paint colour yet... so quite demoralising to paint something without being able to see immediate tangible results.

BUT today we are thankful that we did put the base coat on.

You see, as we were packing up and preparing to move out of our current house we were renting... as responsible tenants we tried to clean up the place and do some touch ups here and there. There was one particular corner which had some bits of plaster and paint peeling off. The problem was there before we came, but we decided to try and mend it anyway.

So hubby peeled away some bits of paint, which came out in small but …

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