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My Scrapbook

A glimpse of a page from my scrapbook...

(Master suite page)

P.S. Another two rooms done - Master Ensuite and Bathroom now have two coats of a lovely light creamy latte (and mould resistant!) colour known as 'Vitesse'

The Blue Room

Home Theatre feature wall: 'Tasman Blue'

Hubby at work.

My work: touch ups and corners

Which carpet colour do you think looks better?

I'm inclined to this one because it seems more versatile and seems to highlight the grey tones in the feature wall more...

Or should I just go with the current blue theme of the room?

By the way, in case you are worried, I am aware that there are visible streaks on the wall... first coat only ok?

DIY people

Sorry for the sparse updates. lots of photos to share but lately only been able to blog from my mobile.

We've been pretty much fully occupied over the last couple of weeks painting our new house. Its all coming together nicely. Tiling is done, carpet and wood selections made. I have a nifty little scrapbook where I keep track of all my paint chips, colour samples, magazine clippings etc. Painting has been quite fun actually. We listen to sermon recordings as we paint and work through each room methodically. We've finished the first sealer coat throughout the whole house and finished two rooms already.

Right now I'm waiting for hubby to pick me up to go to the house so we can put the finishing touches to the home theatre. After that we'll start on the kitchen/living area. So exciting!

Getting older soon

Flew back in to Perth from Sydney on Wednesday night. Then on Thursday I walked into the office and was greeted by an enthusiastic 'Happy Birthday!!!'... Is it November already??? I know time flies but this is getting too much. Then on Friday I received another chirpy 'Happy Birthday' message from my bro... Are people so determined to see me a year older as soon as possible? Am I getting that old or are the people around me the ones getting old? Chill out... I still have one more month yet!


So as I mentioned, hubby and I went away for a couple of days down south for our own private mini retreat at Empire Retreat.

It was a much needed break. After the craziness of the past few weeks with work and preparing for Search for a Star, we just needed to unplug and reset...

Enjoying a bit of wine with some fresh strawberries...

Soaking in our private jacuzzi spa...

Posing and playing some pool...

Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying nature...

Having scrumptious breakfasts prepared for us...

We came back quite rested, rejuvenised and recharged (much of it also had to do with immersing ourselves in ABBA music 3 hours to and 3 hours fro!)

View more photos of our retreat >>here

Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture

Just arrived home from our little retreat down south. Hubby and I decided to take an impromptu break over the long weekend. It was sooooo good to just 'escape' and chill out for a couple of days.

We stayed at the Empire Retreat near Yallingup (thanks to Cherrie who gave us her unused voucher for 2 nights stay). It was a 3-hour drive down south from Perth. Inspired by the Mamma Mia movie and the ABBA music at our church's recent Search for a Star, I decided to make the theme of our road trip soundtrack: ABBA!!!

Hubby was very amused as he sat in the driver's seat, next to a spastic, head-bobbing, finger-snapping, shoulder-jerking creature in the passenger seat... as I grooved to familiar tunes like 'Mamma Mia', 'Dancing Queen', 'Super Trooper' etc. It was so infectious, soon he was humming along too!

There was one particular track which I hadn't heard in a long time and made me tear a little, because it made me think of my mum.

Here is the Mamma …

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