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What's next?

What is this?

Or this?

Looks very artistic eh?

And it belongs here...

Now it's really starting to look like a house!

(Rear view of house with roof frame)

Can really see things coming together!

(Inside view with roof frame on top)

Shouldn't be too long before they start laying the roof tiles. I am really crossing fingers and praying my colour choice turns out alright.

Another weekend activity

Ronald invited us to join him and Diana to go cycling on Saturday. I think hubby was quite excited (he enjoys cycling) and straightaway he somehow convinced me to buy two bicycles + related accessories.

We also bought the bicycle mount to attach to the car that enables us to transport the bicyles around.
So at 3pm on sunny Saturday afternoon... we were off!

Distance: 12 km
Duration: Approx 1 hour, 45 minutes (including breaks)
Route: Round trip from under Mt Henry Bridge to Heathcote and back to Mt Henry Bridge

Although my butt hurts a little (still getting used to the feel of the bicycle seat) it was quite fun and I'm actually kinda looking forward to our next one.

Toothsome treats

I think with winter setting in, I seem to be more active in the kitchen. Cooking is a good way to keep warm. Staying near the stove and oven is an efficient way to stay warm.

Here is a sinful frosted white chocolate cake with mandarin orange filling

Yes I know, mum.... very sinful. If it's any consolation, I promise we didn't eat it all one sitting.

And I know this is not the proper time to prepare this delicacy... but I am very proud of the tang yuan I made this week.

I rolled the balls from glutinuous flour myself. As I meticulously rolled each ball, I couldn't help reminiscing a little on memories of sitting at the table rolling these cute little pink and white balls under mum's supervision. We kids tried to be creative to roll different shapes, like squares and triangles.... but the shapes always unmolded once it was boiled.

I used some leftover tau sar as filling for the white balls. It tastes okay although not as nice as the usual sesame or peanut filling.

Usually tang…

Brickwork completed

So guess what? We received the second invoice from our building for payment of completion of brickwork!

Wow!!! Brickwork COMPLETED.

Wanna see??? Wanna see???

Front view of house

Rear view of house

Inside view from dining area

View of inside from lounge area

Hubby did a good job stitching the pictures together to get this panoramic views. You can click on each image to enlarge it and get a feel for the layout of the house.

What's next then. Well the timber has been delivered... so stay tuned for the next installment of building our home!

First time making my own bak chang

Earlier this week I was on the phone with my mum and she mentioned that it was bak chang festival this week. Really??? Already??? Sigh... I always have trouble keeping track of the various Chinese festivals. So this time I was determined to make my own bak chang... every year I always say I would, but each time I'd miss the festival. Of course I can make bak chang any time of the year, but I always feel it would be more legitimate to cook particular food or delicacies during the appropriate occasion. Anyway, this year I would do it... albeit it would be a little late, but as they say "better late then never!"

I bought all the ingredients on Friday and started the preparation process of soaking the various ingredients... man, so much soaking to do... the mung beans, the rice, the dried chestnuts, and of course the bamboo leaves...

The next day, I rolled up my sleeves and proceeded the arduous process of preparing the various ingredients for the filling. Anyway I'll skip…

Can you spot the difference?

Well folks, it's that time of the month again... another update on Building our Home.

Monday was a public holiday for us here in WA. So we took the opportunity to take a leisurely drive down to inspect the progress of the house.

Sadly not a great deal has happened since the last time hubby went there two weeks ago.

Here's an image of the front of our house - master bedroom side:

Can you spot any difference with this:

(taken from previous update)

If you are observant enough, you will notice the new addition of our feature front entrance!

Cool ya? It's gonna look even more amazing once it's all done up nicely with the colours and all. Please be merciful and tell me my colour choice was right! *cross fingers*

And to finish off today's update, here's a view of the side alfresco area...

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