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8 random facts about me

Tag from Sue Ern (and thanks for your own 8 random facts… very intriguing! ^ ^)

So here goes…

1) I know sign language, i.e. Signing Exact English (SEE). I picked it up from Jorena, a hearing impaired girl from Singapore whom I struck up a friendship with when I was in Perth. I actually surprised myself that I picked it up so quickly, that I was even able to do some basic interpretation of sermons for Jorena in church (my sign language might be a little rusty now though, through lack of use)

2) I don't like milk. Ever since I was a kid, I loathed having to drink milk. My brother was the total opposite who would drink the stuff straight out of the carton. To make up for my calcium and nutrition needs, mum (being the sensible mother she is) let me eat cheese and yoghurt instead. Remember those colourful milk packets we used to get in school that all the Malaysian primary school kids get excited about? I wasn't one of them. But I faithfully took my ration of milk packets everyday to give to my brother when I got home (although I don't like milk, it's sad that the government wants to suspend the programme)

3) I have a chipped front tooth. It happened over 3 years ago and till today, I still feel unhappy with myself for not being more careful. I was rushing out to catch a taxi to the airport –was flying to HK for a business trip. I tripped and fell down a flight of stairs, knocked my tooth against a step and chipped a corner off. I was horrified and upset. But managed to get a grip to call my office to cancel my flight and reschedule my appointments, then went back up to my flat to put down my luggage, then went down to catch a taxi to the nearest polyclinic. I was very sad about the chipped tooth for a long time, but since then I've gotten over it.

4) I had my first car accident 2 days after I got my drivers license. It was quite a traumatising experience for me. Thank God my good friend Wini was with me then. It happened along the road in front of Tshung Tsin. Another car was turning out from a street on my left… I jammed on the breaks but it was too late and we crashed. We stepped out of the car to investigate. The other guy was angry and started to scold us. Right at that moment, it started raining and I burst into tears. Couldn't help it lar, it was a worst case scenario come true for me. Needless to say I was grounded for the next couple of months.

5) I've never had chicken pox. When I was little, my mum tried to expose me to kids who had chicken pox so I would catch it and get it over and done with, but it never worked. By the time I was ready to leave for uni, I was still chicken-pox-less. So my mum decided to get me immunised against it to save me the hassle of having to come down with it while I was overseas. So till today, I am chicken-pox-free and hopefully will be till the day I die. Which reminds me… it's probably time for a check-up on when my next immunisation is due.

6) I love tea. I almost always choose tea over coffee. I prefer it without milk and love its crisp, clean taste. I like any kind of tea. Chinese tea, Green tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, herbal tea… My current favourite is Lipton Green Tea Vanilla.

7) The next one is quite naughty, and my parents might be shocked to hear this…. When I was in Pre-U, I went out on a blind date with someone I met over the Internet. It was the one and only time I ever did it. I went out with the guy two times in all, and after that I never went out with him again. It was a little difficult to shake him off my tail because he kept calling me at my house. But eventually I managed to close that case. I can't even remember his name now.

8) I used to be a tambourine dancer at my church back in KK. Yes! Yes! Can you believe it?!?! We were called the 'Miriam Dancers'. I had one of those long dresses, with flowy skirts. I believe I still have my old tambourine, somewhere around my house in KK. Nowadays kids know hip hop and contemporary dance. But the tambourine dance was pretty fun too! And not as easy as you think you know.

There you have it, 8 random facts about Serene.


  1. hello old friend,

    I remember back in the day I used to read your old blog serene555 i think it was called. I never really got around to your new blog even though I did see some random posts on them on FB but never clicked through. Suddenly stumbled upon it today and I thought those 8 facts were pretty darn funny! Hope you are doing well stay in touch:)

    1. Hey Justin! Thanks for dropping a note and reminiscing along ^_^ ANd yes, let's continue to keep the lines open. Take care!


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