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Wisdom and guidance needed

Hubby and I are in the midst of getting a piece of land to build a house. A house to call our home.

There is so much to consider, but so far we haven't had much time to meditate on it as much as we'd like to.

We have been receiving both negative and positive comments from various people. Positive being that the suburb has been picked out as a key development area in Perth, with plenty of infrastructure and amenities planned. Negative being that is perceived to be a little further away from Perth.

It is so scary. Scarier than buying the investment property a few months ago. Hubby reckons that it feels scarier than getting married!

So please pray with us over this.

More pics of our favourite little somebody...

We were at Ronald and Diana's house to get our haircut and have dinner. Yes, a haircut - we know a hairdresser who does house visits.

Christopher after his haircut (which was 6 months overdue!)

For dinner, we had this very interesting dish called 'Golden Pillow'. It's basically chicken curry cooked inside a big bun. Very nice! Apparently it originate in Singapore, but one of our church members learnt how to cook it, so we tarpau-ed a couple of them from him.

After dinner, it was play time!

Chrisopher's latest trick: Jump so high, up in the sky!!!


For some reason, some people seem to be surprised that hubby gets along with kids so well. Why should it be surprising? He likes children very much lar--his favourite now being Christopher.

Anyway, again we had a tearful parting when it was time to say good-bye. This time he wanted to follow us 'home' and bawled when we tried to explain to him that he was already home. Sigh, hard to tell if it was 'us…

Our passenger of the day

Today we had the adventure of playing surrogate parents to little Christopher.

Ronald was at worship practice and Diana had to stay home to look after Daylan who is sick, so they asked us to help pick Christopher up for church.

He was very happy to sit in our car. For some strange reason, he seems to like sitting in our car very much... and kept himself amused, looking around and making funny faces with MH-koko.

After church, he insisted on following our car to lunch.

Perhaps he just likes the variety of sitting in a different car for a change from seeing mummy's and papa's cars every day?

I suggested another theory of a subconscious memory of his papa's old Mitsubishi Mirage when he was still a baby?

Who knows?

During lunch at Emma's Seafood, he sat between Ronald and MH--it was quite a comical sight to see the two grown men looking after Christopher. Ronald was trying to get Christopher to eat his food, while MH was trying to keep him clean, wiping his hands and dusting awa…

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