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Sydney to Newie...

Yeah!!! We're in Sunny Sydney!!! Touched down on Thursday night.

We rented a car for one day and decided on a whim to drive up to Newcastle to visit Paul.

Here we go on the road once again...

Smiley driver

EVERY single time we go on a road trip, we end up going through a navigational nightmare (perhaps because I am the navigator?)

Arrrghhhh!!! We're LOST!!! And we can't seem to even get OUT of Sydney, much less get on the freeway to Newcastle...

Finally after going a few circles around Sydney, we made it OUT in one piece onto the Sydney-Newcastle freeway...

Stopped at McDonalds along the way... french fries and milkshakes always help to put a smile back on faces...

Here we are at Paul's student accomodation...

Typical student room... quite tidy lar... :)

Hehe... no need for those books anymore... bring on the game consoles!!!

Some assurance that our dear Paul isn't starving to death out here...

We went out to a nearby Chinese restaurant for some dim sum

We ordered deep fried sq…

Walk by the river

Monday was a public holiday in WA. It was such a nice day, hubby and I decided to go out for a walk by the river.

Nice to have a day like this as a break from the cold weather we've been having...

This was one of the parks we used to pak tor together last time...

Just something about walking in a park on wintry evenings that just draws people together. I know we weren't the only ones who used to frequent places like this... ahem!

Instilling same values in kids

This week is officially the last session for our Marriage Enrichment Course.

It's been quite an extended course - 12 sessions but held over the past few months. Because it was paused over certain busy holiday periods, plus we only have it once a fortnight anyway.

We had a pot bless before our final wrap up session to share what was the most significant thing we learnt in this course.

So our Mondays are free again.

But our pastor said that they might soon be starting another course on Parenting, which I will be keen to attend. I feel there is so much to parenting that I still don't know about. I guess I could just dive straight into it and still survive, because so many have gone before me and lived to tell the tale.

I think the most important thing I want to learn about good parenting is how to instill the right values in my children.

I always find it interesting to see how different kids from the same set of parents can turn out so completely different from one another. Classic exa…

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