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Small town girl

We're back in KK....

And FINALLY have some internet connection at last! (after being MIA for sooooo long)

We had a busy time in KL racing around running errands, settling admin and banking stuff, meeting up with friends and family... it was soooo tiring driving around, getting lost in the ever expanding matrix of new flyovers, roads, and traffic light intersections...

So it it is certainly a refreshing change to back in little old Jesselton.

I love KK. It's not a fancy place. But I've met a number of people from different places like KL, Singapore and Perth who say there's just something different about KK. Life slows down and you feel a sense of peace.

I have to admit that the traffic is getting a bit more congested in some areas (what to do? majulah Sabah mah!) but despite that, driving in KK is still somewhat more relaxing, and after some reflection with hubby I conclude that it is because:

Number 1: Drivers are nicer (especially compared to KL-ians) they are not so ruthless and are more likely to give way... hence it is less stressful because you don't feel that you have to fight your way through traffic, cutting queues aggressively to get around. There's still bound to be a courteous driver who will pause and let you pass, and in turn you also feel nice mah, and then you give way to others... these are utopia-like qualities I wish more drivers practised every where. There is also less horn-honking. I hate drivers who honk uneccessarily... very low class.

Number 2: Rules are bendable... unlike Australia where you have to follow all the rules rigidly... there is still some room for maneuvering... e.g. can't find parking? just park on the road island so you don't have to park 1 km away and walk 15 mins to your destination. Not sure if a road is one-way to two-way? Well some situations are left up to self-interpretation... this is creative driving.

I've been to and lived in a number of big cities in my life. But I'm proud to say that I'm still a small town girl at heart. It's a very special thing to be able to look at a simple place like KK and see the many little things which make it so beautiful.


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