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Small town girl

We're back in KK.... And FINALLY have some internet connection at last! (after being MIA for sooooo long) We had a busy time in KL racing around running errands, settling admin and banking stuff, meeting up with friends and family... it was soooo tiring driving around, getting lost in the ever expanding matrix of new flyovers, roads, and traffic light intersections... So it it is certainly a refreshing change to back in little old Jesselton. I love KK. It's not a fancy place. But I've met a number of people from different places like KL, Singapore and Perth who say there's just something different about KK. Life slows down and you feel a sense of peace. I have to admit that the traffic is getting a bit more congested in some areas (what to do? majulah Sabah mah!) but despite that, driving in KK is still somewhat more relaxing, and after some reflection with hubby I conclude that it is because: Number 1: Drivers are nicer (especially compared to KL-ians) they are not so…


My handyman hubby with his trusty power drill finally managed to put everything together... and so I finally feel ready to display photos of our home...

Our couch and ottoman which we got at a fantastic deal from Myer. This item didn't need any assembly, but I just couldn't bear to take any photos of it until the rest of the furniture was up

Another angle of the living room... our $50 TV is sitting on a hubby-assembled TV bench.

I really like this shelf (also assembled by hubby) and besides being very functional, I think it also adds a nice touch to our green wall

Dining table and chairs (yup, assembled by hubby) in our sunny dining area... I like the purple wall too!

Bed frame... I like the matching side tables which are attached to the bed... hubby-assembled, with assistance from his sidekick - me!

Just a quick snapshot of our bathroom so you have a rough idea what it looks like

I'll be adding bits and pieces of loving and homey touches over time.... like cushions and trinkets.…

Our home is coming together

Yay! Our IKEA furniture is here!

So exciting...

Just need to put it all together

Will take more photos when our house is more presentable

Post-it love notes

Yesterday was our second anniversary... seems like a lot has happened in just the last two years since we got married. Time just flies by so quickly. I still feel like we just got married not long ago (as if it was just less than a year ago).

Hopefully, our marriage will always remain this fresh!

The first thing that greeted my eyes when I went to the bathroom was this...

How sweet!

The I reached over to grab my toothbrush and then I found this...

So cute!

Then when I went to disarm the house alarm, there was another one...

On the TV...

I was running all over the house looking for more little post-its...

So fun! It's like an Easter-egg hunt, but with post-its.

I found nine post-its altogether...

I thought nine was quite a funny number, until later at work when I opened my purse...

Too mushy?

But I like it.

My colleagues and friends at the marriage enrichment class were very impressed with hubby.

I was very impressed too!

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