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Masak Masak

I just started cooking for the first time in our house last Thursday.

When we went to get groceries, hubby had the brilliant idea of getting those instant dish flavour packs by Maggi. It was really one of his finest ideas... They were on special at 99cents each... And they really helped to make cooking so much easier in the meantime while I get my kitchen sorted out (I don't have salt, pepper, soy sauce or even oyster sauce yet!)

Thursday's menu was this English chilli sausage dish... just throw in sausages, onions and chopped apples...

On Saturday, I was about to start on my next culinary attempt in my new kitchen... and just as I was about to pour the pasta into a pot of boiling water, hubby yelled out "STOP!!!"... so I did. Apparently a friend had just called and asked us to join them for dinner. Good thing he stopped me just in time. So I saved the dish for Sunday instead. It's an Italian mince meat dish with penne pasta. And we're having it for dinner to…

Our Amazing Race

I received a comment that implied that we have been living very nomadic lives up until now.

I guess it seems that way because we've moved across to a different country and then to a new city over a span of the last 5 years or so.

Most people settle in quite quickly, but I guess we took a different route of experiencing life in a different city first before settling down.

I think that I've learnt to appreciate the places close to my heart even more after seeing different places. Plus, I now have tiny heart strings tied to these other places which I've called "home" before.

I only realised how much of a nomadic-type impression we gave when we were having lunch with some friends in Sydney one time... we were just telling them the news that we were moving back to Perth... and then we started reminiscing about some of the good times we had in Burwood and Sydney and how we will miss our apartment in Burwood etc... and then one friend said "Well, I'm sure part …

How we're keeping ourselves occupied

We've finally moved into our own place.

It's 3 bedroom house (somewhat villa-sized) and definitely much bigger than our apartment in Sydney.

We're putting it together from scratch step by step. We went shopping over the weekend for a bed, various kitchen items, bathroom items, laundry pegs and little knicks knacks like that...

We're still pretty much living out of suitcases and boxes, the unpacking business is being done slowly because both us are now working full time and we seem to always have something going on on evening or another.

So besides work, what else is keeping us occupied at the moment?

Well, we have church on Sundays, Monday nights we've just started joining this marriage course with other couples in church, Tuesday night is movie night, cell group is every Wednesday, Thursday is late night shopping night (for groceries)... and for the next few Saturdays, we'll be spending Saturdays cleaning, unpacking and shopping for household items...

We haven…

2nd day of work

It's 5.40PM now on a Tuesday and I'm all alone in the office. Waiting for hubby to pick me up. He's passing through the city, so he said he could swing by to give me a lift home.... how nice...

So far everything seems pretty good.

Colleagues are nice. I'll be working closely with this guy who's traveled around a bit and can speak Indonesia and Thai. Quite interesting fellow actually. We joked and said the two of us and pass secret messages to each other in Malay/Indo without the others understanding us...

I think I will enjoy what I will be doing here.

Something that needs more brain juice for a change.

OK, better run now... will tell more soon...
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Home and car

It's been a whirlwind week for me here in Perth.

My last day of work at my old company was last Friday. I bought some pastries and cakes for my colleagues to enjoy during tea break. They were of course very happy to have free food and they all wished me well in my future endeavours.

Hubby had already arrived a couple of days ago. We rented a car for a week to run around to do house-hunting and car-hunting.

I don't really like car-hunting... very sakit hati to pay a hefty sum for a depreciating piece of metal... we are planning to get a used Mitsubishi Mirage to start with... can upgrade to a better car in the future...

We went around looking at different Mitsubishi Mirages all over Perth. Spoke to different people... test drove them all... but somehow or rather there was always something not right. Either the price was too high, or the condition of the car was not quite up to standard. Felt so sian going around asking the same questions, and playing the same bargaining game, and o…

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