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The results are out...

I just got a call from the manager in Perth, aaaaaaaaand...... the results of my 3-hour test have come back!

The first thing the manager said was "my gosh, you're a nutcase!", to which I replied "I see, and you guys like nutcases I suppose". "Yes, we do actually" said he... *chuckles*

So what do the results say about me...

Well in terms of my Verbal Reasoning, I'm in the top 11th percentile

And in terms of my Abstract Reasoning, I'm in the top 6th percentile

Remember the 318 questions? These were suppose to profile my Temperament;

So here's what the test said...

  • I am very flexible but at the same time have a keen eye for detail
  • I have a very structured and sequential approach in tackling tasks
  • I plan out my activities and follow through
  • I tend to be very analytical, objective and logical
  • I am a dedicated and committed person
  • I am a quiet achiever "who will get the job done without too much fuss"

On the flipside...
  • I have a tendency to overanalyse things, which may lead to procrastination
  • I am very methodical and would work at my own pace, sometimes lacking a sense urgency for certain tasks

Some other comments that came up...
  • I would prefer autonomy and independence at work
  • The test profiled me as being somewhat reserved - which the manager found surprising and instead disagreed as he found me very engaging, warm and friendly
  • The test also profiled me as someone who would tend to avoid difficult situations / avoid confrontation - which the manager also disagreed on as he thought I was a very assertive person who was not afraid to state her views and opinions

So the next step is to have a look at the letter of offer and confirm my starting date for work. WooHoo!!!

Enjoying a glass of red wine with hubby to celebrate!

I was poring over the results of the test... but hubby said not to box myself up based on the test results... it's probably only 70% accurate at the most anyway...



  1. Mum & Dad : Congratulations !!
    Dad : Of course I knew she would get the job. Hmm.. there are some similarities between her and me. Like father , like daughter.
    Mum : Excuse me...? (Arched eyebrows, a knowing smile..) He's claiming credit for all his children's achievements.

  2. Well I would expect that there would definitely be similarities between a dad and his little girl... but give mum some credit also lar!


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