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My current favourite breakfast...

This is Vegemite. A classic Aussie favourite.

It is currently taking place as one of my favourites on the breakfast table. It has a salty, yeasty taste somewhat similar to Marmite or Bovril.

It taste great spread thinly on toast with margarine. I tried it once with avocado slices... yummy! I also tried some vegemite toast dipped in soft-boiled egg... oooohhhh, syok!

If you don't have vegemite, I think Marmite or Bovril should work just as well. Actually what is with these yeast spreads anyway? I think someone mentioned that they have some health benefits, but now I can't think how these could be healthy at all.

Bovril is also a very versatile product. I remember that when we were sick with fever and to weak to eat, mom would let us eat bread or porridge with bovril. Actually porridge still tastes great with bovril... these two go together naturally. Many Malaysian kids drink hot bovril drink for a bedtime snack (which is just hot water and bovril). Again for health benefits?

Water and bovril are an excellent classic combination. I know of one Cantonese uncle who MUST have soup every day for meals (just like my dad, only this fellow is worse). His wife is of another dialect group that is not as soup-fanatic as he is, so she doesn't cook soup every day. So when there is no soup, he will make his own soup by mixing hot water and Bovril to eat with his rice. Man!!! This guy is truly a soup-fanatic (even my dad is not this bad) this was going a bit too far I think... cannot even survive one meal without soup. But some people are just like that it seems. They feel the meal is incomplete without some salty water to accompany their rice.

So in conclusion, Bovril is good for you (so they say). Marmite too maybe. And not forgetting Vegemite.


Bovril was originally invented in 1874 by a Scotsman named John Lawson Johnston to supply to Napoleon's French army who desperately needed Beef. They didn't have enough beef that time, so this beef extract was a marvelous invention at that time. In 2004 Unilever announced that they were changing Bovril's composition from Beef to a yeast extract. According to Unilever, "in blind taste tests 10% didn't notice any difference in taste, 40% preferred the original and 50% preferred the new product."

Marmite first appeared on the scene in 1902. They became a subsidiary under Bovril Limited in 1990 and they are now currently a trademark owned by Unilever.

Vegemite has always been a strong contender of Marmite. The product was first known as "Parwill" from 1928 to 1935, meant as a pun on "Ma-might, but Pa-will", get it? This attempt to expand market share was unsuccessful (maybe people just didn't get it) and the name was eventually changed to Vegemite. Today Vegemite far outsells Marmite and other similar spreads in Australia.


  1. I think that Vegemite and Borvil tastes different. I prefer Borvil. :-)


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