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Tribute to supermom

I was watching a movie on Sunday night called “Mom on Strike”. It’s about a working mother who feels overworked, unappreciated and burnt out. She’s a supermom to her kids but also works full time 30 hours a week from Monday to Friday. Everyday she makes breakfast for the whole family, makes lunch for her kids and sends them to school. After school she sends them to their various activities like sports practice, dance class etc. After dinner she helps her kids with their homework and gets ready for the same hectic routine the next day all over again.

It reached the point when this mom realised that she was doing practically everything for a family but not one appreciated her, much less helping her. They all just assumed that mom will take care of it and treat her like a servant and chauffeur. It was just “mom, please clean my sports jersey”, “mom, send me to hockey practice”, “mom, help me type out my assignment” and so on. So finally she decided to do something drastic… she went on strike. Her strike struck a chord with many other moms in the country and it soon became a national strike. In the end, the kids and husband realised how much they took their mom for granted and resolved to help out more and to appreciate their mom.

I wonder if mom feels like that sometimes. Although we have a maid at home, but when we go on holiday it soon becomes obvious who ends up being the default packer, cleaner and chef – mom. When we can’t find something, it’s “mom, I can’t find my socks”. And when we fall down and hurt ourselves, it’s “mom, I need a plaster”. And when we forget to prepare the stuff we need for tomorrow’s art lesson, it’s “mom, I need to bring coloured paper, ribbons and double-sided tape to school tomorrow”… and many times, it’s already 10.00pm by the time we tell mom this. Do you feel like tearing your hair out at those times, mom?

Mom is the one who arranges to have our school uniforms ready before the new school term begins. And mom is the one who goes with us to buy our text books and stationery. Mom is the one who makes sure that there’s always something to eat in the fridge. And the one who makes sure the poor dog has dinner every night. And when we’re down with the flu, she boils us leong cha to sooth our sore throats. Mom holds the strings keeping the household together firmly in her hands.

I wonder if I am expected to do the same for my own family next time. It’s a lot for one woman to handle. You sure set the bar high, mom. Will I be able to measure up?
In any case, I’m glad you had everything under control, mom. I was able to have a happy childhood because of all you did for us.


  1. wow, i didn't realize that i was that 'super'. it didn't seem to be such a chore then. remember those nights or early morning at the airport - you children were huddled up in blankets with your favourite pillows - waiting for the flight to go to jia po's place. the preparation for the journey was just as exciting as the destination itself.


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