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Morning routine with dad

As I was walking to the MRT station this morning to go to work, I saw a father walking his daughter to school. This is quite unusual because it is usually mothers that walk their kids to the school near our flat. It made me remember how my dad used to send me to school every morning at then pick me up afterwards during his lunch break. It may have developed into an ordinary routine. But even then, I treasured those moments spent with my dad.

I remember how we used to stop at the newspaper stall at Foh Sang on the way to school, I would run down and buy the Daily Express for dad. And after school, I would look out for his big purple 4WD to rumble up near the side gate where I waited for him. During my Pre-U days, I wondered if dad would become impatient as we inched through the traffic jam in front of the school. But he always had a big smile for me as I said good-bye to him before I alighted from his car. I can’t remember any time that he was ever angry or sullen or grumpy. What a great way to start my day!

It’s nice to have your dad as the first person you see every morning… and who said good-bye to you before you went to school every day… and be the first man who meets you after school every day… and listens as you chatter on about your day over lunch… I wouldn’t have traded places with any other girl in the world!


  1. There's a glistening in the eyes as dad read this - you've touched a tender spot in his heart- it's something he misses about the children - those driving to school days. People complain about this as a chore but dad sees it as a bonding time

  2. The other day, I drove passed SK St. Francis, then SRK Shan Tao and then SM St. Francis, it still liked not long ago that I sent my 2 boys and daughter to schools. Sometimes, I did wish that cycle would come back again. Well, just wishful thinking. Thinking back, I enjoyed the times spent sending and picking up my kids.It's part of the family culture.


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