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Chicken Mackumbay Mystery

My brothers and I were obsessed with chickens when we were kids

We doubled up laughing over any "why did the chicken cross the road" jokes (even though those jokes are so lame)

And we were also into "Chicken Mackumbay"

What is “Chicken Mackumbay” and why did we find it so funny? Even now I burst out laughing as I try to tell MH about our “Chicken Mackumbay”… but he has no head or tail what I’m talking about.

We were so into chicken stuff then… we even made a song about chicken “A-May-Meh, A-May-Meh, A-May-Meh, and a Pok-Pok-Pok-Pok-Pok-Pok”

But the case of “Chicken Mackumbay” is still an unsolved mystery to me. Or maybe I’ve just forgotten this secret over the years.

Sam and Paul, pray, enlighten me (if you can) what exactly is this “Chicken Mackumbay” thing anyway? And how did it all get started in the first place?

The Evolution from wannabe "Baby Malaysian Idols" to the SSP Radio Show

My mom and dad are truly ingenious parents. Most parents will just be trigger happy and snap every single moment of their children’s daily activities on camera. My parents were just as trigger happy as other parents... but being such creative parents they ALSO recorded our voices on tape. The microphone must have been the most amazing invention in the world… at least to three excited children back then.

I really enjoy listening to myself and my brothers on tape belting out nursery rhyme tunes repeatedly… we must have sounded like broken records… all day long it was just “tinkle, tinkle, ‘ittle ‘tar, ‘ow I wonder what you are” or “baa baa black theep ‘ave you any wool”

Another thing we just LOVED to do was to tell fairy tales… Top on the list was Little Red Riding Hood, followed by The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks. Picture how animated we were as we passionately squeaked Red’s exclamation “grandmother, what big teeth you have!” and in the gruffly voice of the wolf “all the better to …

Tribute to supermom

I was watching a movie on Sunday night called “Mom on Strike”. It’s about a working mother who feels overworked, unappreciated and burnt out. She’s a supermom to her kids but also works full time 30 hours a week from Monday to Friday. Everyday she makes breakfast for the whole family, makes lunch for her kids and sends them to school. After school she sends them to their various activities like sports practice, dance class etc. After dinner she helps her kids with their homework and gets ready for the same hectic routine the next day all over again.

It reached the point when this mom realised that she was doing practically everything for a family but not one appreciated her, much less helping her. They all just assumed that mom will take care of it and treat her like a servant and chauffeur. It was just “mom, please clean my sports jersey”, “mom, send me to hockey practice”, “mom, help me type out my assignment” and so on. So finally she decided to do something drastic… she went on str…

Morning routine with dad

As I was walking to the MRT station this morning to go to work, I saw a father walking his daughter to school. This is quite unusual because it is usually mothers that walk their kids to the school near our flat. It made me remember how my dad used to send me to school every morning at then pick me up afterwards during his lunch break. It may have developed into an ordinary routine. But even then, I treasured those moments spent with my dad.

I remember how we used to stop at the newspaper stall at Foh Sang on the way to school, I would run down and buy the Daily Express for dad. And after school, I would look out for his big purple 4WD to rumble up near the side gate where I waited for him. During my Pre-U days, I wondered if dad would become impatient as we inched through the traffic jam in front of the school. But he always had a big smile for me as I said good-bye to him before I alighted from his car. I can’t remember any time that he was ever angry or sullen or grumpy. What a grea…

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