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Of Laundry and Hair-mountains and more Affogato...

Just came back from the cafe tonight. We meant only to drop by a while as it was not actually our turn on duty, but in the end we stayed all the way until 1.00am. I think MH and I are both feeling a little tired and snappish. This is not meant to be a long term practice of working there every weekend. But since this business belongs to us, we are driven by every bone and sinew in our body to labour for it to make it work. But we both cannot deny that this will eventually take a toll on us. So we definitely need to find a solution to improve the whole system of running the place, so that we will not have to feel the need to "help out" all the time, or worry about whether everything will run smoothly if we are not there. It was really busy at the cafe just now - full house! If we hadn't dropped by to help, Mabel and the rest of the staff may have found it difficult to manage.

Sometimes I feel that MH and I don't have enough time to spend with each other. But I can't justify it because every time we are together, we don't do anything in particular. MH is a little more objective when it comes to matters like these... like maybe going out somewhere to eat or going out to play sports. For me, it doesn't matter... as long as we're together. Maybe I need to give a more specific suggestion of something to do if I ever declare that we are not spending enough time together. But it's so irritating to always think of something to do... because many times, I really don't have anything particular in mind... Catch-22. Or maybe I'm just saying this because it's been a long day... it's almost 2.00am now... and we still have to wake up at 7.00am for church tomorrow... and perhaps drop by the cafe tomorrow afternoon/evening? The weekends always seem to fly by too quickly.

I am folding the clothes as I type this entry. The house is in such a mess. MH complains that I drop too much hair. I think this is a common among women. But we usually don't realise because there's always someone to clean the house. But in my case, it's up to me to clean the house! I need to be more conscientous about it. Otherwise my hair will start piling up in mounds in every corner... scary thought.

I tried making Affogato this morning for MH. It wasn't perfect because we used 3-in1 coffee instead of pure espresso... and the ice-cream had ice crystals in it because our freezer is not very good... and I had to use a plain metal spoon to carve our pieces of ice-cream instead of a nice round scoop because we don't have a proper ice-cream scoop. But MH said it was quite nice.

Okay, back to folding the laundry!

Good night.


  1. i've tried that affogato thing... its quite yummy, cept the served amount is only half a glass...

  2. Slept at 2am and up the next morning at 7am. That's definitely not my kind of life !


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